How to Be Irresistible to Women

be irresistible to women

How to be irresistible to women; This is the holy grail of male dating knowledge. It’s what every man wants to know how to do. There’s no magic potion or spell that’s going to make you the ladies’ man you’ve always wanted to be. In fact, it’s a lot easier than that. Being irresistible to women is nothing more than a few simple steps that will enrich your life while getting you the girl.

Work on Yourself

Fewer things are sexier to women than a man who is actively improving himself. Best of all, you’re going to improve your life in the process and who knows? You might even meet some women while you’re at it. Think about getting a gym membership, taking a class or reading about a subject that you’ve always been interested. Enriching yourself is never a waste of your time and it will make you be absolutely irresistible to women.

Prioritize Your Time

Speaking of time, you’ve only got so much of it. That means you need to start prioritizing. Work and career come first. Then the self-improvement we discussed above, along with your other passions and hobbies. After that, you’ve got time for your social life, including dating. When you prioritize your time like this, you’re sending a few subtle messages: First, that you are important. Second, that your time is valuable. When you choose to spend your time on a woman it means a lot more when it has that kind of value. She’ll notice.

Build Confidence

Some guys are born with it. For the rest of us, confidence is a bit like a muscle: You need to work on it for people to notice it. How do you do that? Well, you’re off to a good start if you’re improving yourself and prioritizing your time. Other things you can do to build confidence include:

  • Walking Tall: Look at men that you admire, classic icons of manliness like Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood or Bruce Willis. Note how they walk. Now imitate it. If you need a little help, combat boots, biker boots and cowboy boots will give you a manly gait.
  • Smile Big: A good, genuine smile — with your whole face and not just your mouth — is a great way to project both confidence and friendliness at the same time. Smiling is infectious and a good smile can get her smiling and laughing.
  • Acknowledge Your Achievements: As men, we all too often dismiss our own accomplishments as “just doing our job.” Take a second to acknowledge that you’re good at what you do.
  • Get Used to Talking to Strangers: Banter everywhere you go: In line at the supermarket, at the sports bar, with people you work with. Everywhere. Getting comfortable with bantering with strangers is the better part of being confident around women.

Use Your Body Language

One of the best ways to attract women and be irresistible to them is through body language. First, you want to have a big smile when you start talking to a woman. This shows that you are friendly and nonthreatening. Second, you shouldn’t stand talking to a woman directly facing her. Approach her this way, introduce yourself, then quickly pivot to her side. Turn toward her a bit when you’re speaking to her, then turn away, leaning in to hear her. It takes a lot of pressure off of her, while also showing you as a man of confidence and independence.

Give Her Space

When you hang on a girl all night, you can make her uncomfortable and also seem a little clingy: That’s a total attraction killer. Instead, talk to other women, go out and dance, touch base with your friends. You can work the room a little while also making time with her. Not only are you giving her space, you’re also demonstrating value by letting her know that you’re not placing all your hopes on one woman for the whole night.

Pursue With Purpose

When you see a woman that you want to talk to, you should approach her immediately, or close to it. Women can sense the hesitation. When you approach immediately and purposefully, it shows you as a man of conviction and confidence — two traits that are irresistible to women.

Make Your Move

You need to make a move. Not only is it a confidence move, we also hear from women all the time that they were interested in a guy… but he didn’t make a move, so she assumed that he wasn’t into it. You don’t need to wait for a specific moment — just a high point when it feels right.

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