Five Unlikely Places to Meet Women

Whether you’re just not a bars and clubs type of guy or you just want to expand your repertoire a bit, there are tons of unlikely places to meet women. In fact, any place you find women can be a great place to meet them. Here are five of our favorite places to meet women that aren’t bars or clubs.

Book Stores

Bookstores are one of the best places to meet women. Think of them as a bit like a coffee shop on steroids: Smart women come here. What’s more, you’ve got a built-in subject to talk about — the books. Whether you approach using the book she’s looking at or approach with a book of your own, you know that the two of you are going to have something to talk about.

Intramural Team

If you’re an athletic guy, you should think about joining a local intramural, co-ed sports league. Not only is it a great way to keep in shape, it’s also a great place to meet women, as well as new friends. Approaching her will be different depending on whether or not you’re on the same team and whether or not you won or lost, but it’s easy to do after a good workout when your endorphins are running high. What’s more, your prowess on the field can make her as attracted to you as you already are to her.

Dog Park

If you don’t have a dog, offer to dog sit for a friend of yours. Dog parks are a great place to meet women if you’re a person that likes dogs. After all, the dog can do all of the approaching for you. What’s more, you two can start having your first date right there, hanging out while the dogs play. Work on your tan, play with your dog and meet women all in the same place — it’s a no-brainer.


So college is over; Does that mean you have to stop learning new things? Maybe you want to pick up a new language. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn the fine art of acting. Maybe you just want to learn how to do a little carpentry. No matter what the subject, classes are a great way to improve yourself and also one of the best places to meet women. One of the easiest ways to get a date there is to be study buddies.

Grocery Stores

No one likes grocery shopping, so you can give a little boost to her day by making her smile while she walks the aisles of the local grocery store. After that, she’s going to remember you as the guy who showed initiative by talking to her in a place that most men would not. She’s also going to remember you as the guy who made one of her most annoying weekly chores into something a little more exciting and memorable.

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