Keith Ferrazzi | The Art of Strength and Vulnerability in Leadership

Keith Ferrazzi | The Art of Strength and Vulnerability in Leadership

In today’s episode, we cover with Keith Ferrazzi what it means to lead without authority. Keith is an American entrepreneur, recognized global thought leader in the relational and collaborative sciences, and NYT best selling author of Leading Without Authority and Never Eat Alone.

There is more to leadership than telling other people what to do, so what does it mean to lead without authority, what can you do today to become a better leader, and how can you inspire vulnerability and empathy in the people around you?

What to Listen For

  • What can you do as a leader to create a great space for people to be vulnerable, therefore allowing stronger bonds to form?
  • Why are intimacy and empathy crucial to forming strong bonds with the people around you and what can you do to foster such an environment?
  • How much vulnerability is too much when you’re in a position of leadership?
  • What does co-elevation mean and why is it important to have co-elevating relationships with the people around us?
  • How do you set boundaries for your generosity so you don’t get taken advantage of?
  • What is the Blue Flame in all of us and why is it important to see it in others and nurture it so it can bloom?

Being a leader doesn’t mean you tell other people what to do. It means you inspire those around you who then choose to follow you. When you are a leader, people should trust you to provide guidance for them and make the best decisions given the circumstances. You do not need to have authority over other humans in order to do any of that – but you do need trust and respect. Work on building strong relationships with the people around you and you will become a better leader.

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