The Art of Charm: Flirting And Attraction

Instinctively know how to spark attraction

On the surface, a woman’s process of attraction is a complicated beast – primarily influence by their subconscious and a mystery to many men. Check out these articles and video clips to learn how to use eye contact, body language and high-status humor to make women feel a gut level attraction for you that they can’t deny…

How to Flirt With Women Better and More Effectively

How to flirt with women? It’s a challenge that many men face. In fact, you probably feel like you could use a little help here. It’s one of the most common problems that we encounter here at The Art of Charm. Learning how to flirt with women more effective...

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How to Read Body Language

Here at The Art of Charm, we are asked by a lot of men how to read body language. It might not come naturally to you, but learning how to read body language isn’t that hard, either. So how to read body language? There are four main components, each of which ...

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Should You Ask Her Out? 5 Signs a Girl Likes You

Does she like you or is she just being nice? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question before, you need to read this article. At The Art of Charm we know some guys who are great with women, but still don’t know when it’s time to bite the bullet and ask...

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Decoding the body language of attraction

The body language of attraction is often the same for both men and women.  That means learning the body language of attraction has twice the benefit.  You’ll know when a girl is interested in you, as well as what signals to give off to create attraction wi...

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How to Talk to Women at Work

You’re at work and it’s a hard day. Only 2:30 and you’ve been ready to go home since lunch. Here comes that hot blond that you work with. She smiles at you, you smile back. That’s as far as it goes because you don’t feel like you know how to talk to ...

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How to charm a girl

Want to know how to charm a girl?  Well you can start by forgetting what society has to say about charming women.  Clever lines, fancy dinners, and movie-star good looks simply aren’t needed.  All it really takes to charm women is a winning personality an...

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Signs a Girl is Attracted to You

Is she attracted to you? Tons of guys have trouble seeing the signs a girl is attracted to you. It’s easy to understand. If you’re not used to having girls like you, you can just assume that she’s not. However, at The Art of Charm, we tell guys to always...

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How to Attract the Girls In Your Friend Group

If you’re in a vibrant social group, you’ve already got tons of opportunities to go on dates. You might be thinking that you can’t attract the girls in your friend group, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you’re ignoring the girl...

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The Art of Gloss — The Gentleman’s Guide to Flirtation and Romance

The Art of Charm is basically just the art of gloss; shining yourself up until you become your best self. This is the way that the gentleman flirts. Not only is it going to make you feel great about yourself, the art of gloss is also going to have you becoming...

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How to Charm Women with Humor

We all know that a sense of humor is one of the most attractive traits a man can have.  But if you don’t know how to charm women with humor then this trait can backfire.  You could wind up as “the funny guy” stuck in the friend-zone – or discover...

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What Attracts Girls

What attracts girls? That’s a question that has puzzled men for years. However, it’s not really a puzzle. Even if we understand that what attracts one girl isn’t necessarily what attracts another, there are some basic things that most women are attracted...

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How to Attract a Girl Using Social Media

If you’re using social media, you should also be using it to attract girls. Social media is great tool to attract a girl with because it allows you to meet and attract women that you might not even meet otherwise. Like any other forum for meeting and attract...

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How to Attract Girls: College Edition

If you’re away from home at college, you can get lonely fast. Good thing this is the perfect place to learn how to attract girls – in college! This is probably the last time in your life that you’re going to have such great access to literally thousa...

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Top 10 Things Girls Find Attractive

What are the top things girls find attractive? Of course, every woman is different, but there are some things that most women just can’t resist. The good news is that a lot of these things can be cultivated, meaning that if you don’t have them now, you can...

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