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We believe that “networking” will only get you so far — that true connection is actually based on building great relationships. In this section, we share our fun, practical approach to meeting new people, creating authentic connections, sharing value, and capitalizing on your social network.

5 Easy Ways to Stop Hating Business Networking Events

5 Easy Ways to Stop Hating Business Networking Events

Business networking events can be nerve-wracking affairs if you don’t enter with a strategy in mind. Luckily, we present these five easy ways to stop hating business networking events so you’ll always be ready to face them with dignity and, of course, charm. First of all, we don’t really recommend business networking events, because there are so many more effective ways … Read More

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Intentions: How to Figure out What People Really Want

If we can become more interested in one another’s real intentions, we can become better colleagues, better partners, better parents, better bosses, and better friends. That’s what this article is about: How to figure out what people really want — from you, from themselves, and from one another. [Photo by Parker Knight] “Words are deeds.” -Ludwig Wittgenstein The writer David … Read More

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The Real Way to Dress for Success

The Real Way to Dress for Success

The way you dress sends signals to the real world; here’s how to make sure you’re sending the right ones. On its own, “dress for success” is kind of an absurd piece of advice. (Though you might find the specifics detailed by Rishi Chullani in How to Dress for a Networking Event and How to Dress and Prepare for an … Read More

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How to Create a Great Elevator Pitch

Here are 13 reasons why you shouldn't compare yourself against the success of others. With your unique perspective, can you think of more? Share with us!

An “elevator pitch” is so called because you’re supposed to be able to summarize your pitch so quickly that you can effectively get it across in an elevator ride. The idea here is if you’re ever lucky enough to trap Richard Branson in an elevator for three minutes, you can pitch him on your killer idea and get him to … Read More

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How to Get Powerful People to Notice You

Because everybody needs help with something, meeting your heroes -- even the rich and famous ones -- is easy if you follow this simple advice.

Every successful career starts with reaching out to just one powerful person the right way. Here are three ways you can do this — right down to the exact email scripts! [Photo by Alan Light (with Adam West!)] When we get out of college, we usually take any job we can get. After all, it’s not what we’re going to … Read More

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Kevin Kermes | Bridge the Direct Experience Gap (Episode 418)

It’s never too late to shed a lousy job description. Learn to bridge the direct experience gap and stop enduring work you hate. “It’s painful to learn new stuff, [but] I learned how to surf and snowboard at 40!” -Kevin Kermes The Cheat Sheet: Why it’s critical to translate your skills (and the #1 way people fail when trying). How … Read More

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