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In today’s episode, we cover dealing with uncertainty and stress with Dr. Domenick Sportelli. Dr. Domenick is a board certified physician in adult general psychiatry and child & adolescent psychiatry, and is widely sought-after for his expertise on the latest in medical behavioral health, child/family psychiatry, and neuropharmacology.


This is an era of uncertainty we haven’t faced in this generation and it’s wreaking havoc on many of us psychologically, so what can you do to better cope with the stress and loneliness you might be feeling and what should you be doing as a parent to be a good role model for your kids?

What to Listen For

  • How do we deal with uncertainty and stress many of us are dealing with in isolation?
  • How much of a psychological toll is the pandemic taking on medical professionals?
  • What kind of psychological fallout will we be facing as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and what can we do to prepare ourselves?
  • What should we tell our kids about COVID-19 and how do we talk to them about what’s going on?
  • How do you find the silver lining during this crazy time of uncertainty? 
  • Why are gratitude and resilience so important during this pandemic? 
  • What rules can you set up to foster creativity in your kids so they don’t just resort to sitting in front of devices all day?
  • How do we deal with the loneliness epidemic while we’re practicing social distancing?
  • Why is having a schedule more important than ever and how should we schedule time for socializing?
  • How do we manage all of the emotions we’re feeling just from the uncertainty of not knowing how long this pandemic will last?
  • How do we deal with rise in tension in our relationships stemming from being isolated with each other all the time?
  • What 3 questions can you ask yourself everyday to make your life better?

Humans excel psychologically when following a consistent routine, and when the certainty of a routine is taken away it can lead to significant stress. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many of our routines being upended with no clear end in sight, so it’s important now more than ever to take it upon ourselves to determine our own routines. This is especially true for those of us with kids because kids need structure the most. 

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