Remember To Get Her Number

Several times in the last week I had gotten E-mails from several guys about forgetting to get the number of a rad girl they had met. This has happened to everybody at one time or another and I want to help you put together a way that you’ll always remember to get her number.


  1. If you met a girl you were interested in why wouldn’t you want to get her number? Truth is it’s just another step in rejection. Here is another opportunity for her to tell us “no” or “I’m sorry I have a boyfriend” and that is enough to poke a hole in our eggshell ego. What is the point of thinking about her from afar? That’s an easy way for you to get hooked on a girl you barely know. I want to know as soon as possible whether or not she could be interested and getting a number is a sure fire way of letting her know you are interested. Any time you intentions become clear it puts people in a position to make a decision and if her decision is no then I can move on. The best part is if you had just met her and you’ve had a fantastic conversation and she is smiling, leaning in and being very receptive then chances are slim that she would turn you down on a number. Besides just because she has given you the number doesn’t mean she has to answer your call or text you back.
  2. The number is certainly not as important as it used to be. Social media has created multiple ways of interacting with one another. Most social networking sites are linked together so if you can get a name you can connect to several different profiles. Twitter, Facebook, Let her know she is cool and that you’ll hit her up on facebook. From there reaching out to her is as easy as a phone call or text.
  3. Humans are creatures of habit – Perhaps the bar, nightclub or event where you met her is a weekly or monthly event. If it is chances are you will see her again and the great thing about that is if you had such a great interaction she is probably hoping to see you again as well and this will help you look more attractive. A little mystery goes a long way.
  4. Getting her information is what you do – Anytime you meet anyone who are cool and you get along with you should be getting their Information. It called networking and it’s no different from meeting women. If they were cool people you would want them in your social network. Just like your body language you can internalize the process of getting the number of info by bringing it to a conscious level for a few weeks. Have it become something you do when you are enjoying the conversation and they are responsive pull out your phone let them know they are cool and put your phone into their personal space. Example:  “You know? You’re cool, we’ll have to hang out some time throw your number in my phone. Don’t ask, just assume they will do it. If you put the phone in their personal space they’ll usually just take it. Keep it positive. After a few weeks it will become ingrained and will just be something you naturally do.
  5. Make sure that there is a real connection when getting her number – Don’t be too upset the next day if you haven’t gotten her number and there had only been an exchange of pleasantries. A real exchange consists of emotions and energy. If she is flirting back and responsive to all your charms then by all means get the number. It will convey confidence, but if all you did was say hi and awkwardly asked her if she would like a drink in which she turned you down. Most likely will not be answering a call now a facebook message from you.