How To Be Vulnerable

The last article I wrote was about the strength and power vulnerability has. Today I want to talk to you about a few tactics to help  you achieve a deeper vulnerability.

First, let’s try to erase the first thoughts that come to mind when I mention the word vulnerability. Let’s face it, look up the word vulnerable in any source and you will see defenseless, helpless, exposed and other scary words that don’t evoke a lot of confidence in this process. Be strong and understand that the more you’re open, the more people can see you and connect with you.

Start an anonymous twitter account to post random thoughts about your day. This will allow you to break from the chains of having to be identified and connected t0 any of your ramblings.

Start a blog and make it anonymous. Jot down all of your thoughts and feeling from your nights out and other adventures. Allow yourself to post anything from the quaking in your shoes to the knot in your stomach.Try writing poetry, songs and stories. Find the right medium for you.

Start expressing yourself without fear. Remember, your thoughts and opinions are yours and you are entitled  to express them just like everyone else is. Remember, religion and politics are trouble grounds so be extra careful when venturing into those areas. Until you’re ready, try to avoid those topics all together.

Learn to poke fun at yourself without being self-deprecating. Embarrassing and lighthearted stories about youth, family, work, school and life are great ways to laugh at yourself. Make sure the stories come from a fun place when you tell them. That will help the context come across and give yourself a chuckle when you’re through. This allows others to feel good about opening up and sharing as well. The more this happens the more comfortable people will feel around you.

Check out improv. Not only is it a great tool to help with banter but it stops you from  over thinking. Part of vulnerability comes from putting yourself out there with no idea what’s going to happen. That is where the power of vulnerability happens.

Use Toast Masters as a tool to sharpen your public speaking skills. Use it as a way to practice delivering a message and taking focus away from your anxieties. Toastmaster has a team of professional speakers ready to help you. Improv and Toast Masters are relatively cheap and can be found almost anywhere.

The less time you are spending trying to cover up what it is you are afraid of people seeing, the more time you can spend connecting and bringing awesome people into your life.