5 Reasons You Might Of Ended Up Here

Everyone one ends up here for one reason or another and today I thought it would be interesting to write out the top 5 I see from my position.  I’ll start with number 5 and work my way down. So here it goes ladies and gentlemen.

5. The thought of going to another networking event kills you.  Yes, introversion and shyness are a pain in the ass. I think everyone comes to a point in their life where they seem compelled to deal with anxiety face to face, knowing that to get ahead might require some new skills to meet, connect and go after the life you want. If that fear wasn’t dealt with earlier in life, you might feel a bit behind and need to grab some insight. Luckily, The Art of Charm gives you plenty. We’re kind of like a one stop shop of all things social and that’s the way we like it.

4. High school blew and you want to enjoy college. It seems that everyone you know and what you have  seen in the movies dictates that your college years between the girls and wild parties should be the best time of your life. Yes I know that college is a place of learning and not a 4 year party, but come on with so many young people being away from home for the first time  and young adult hormones raging. who are we kidding, this recipe has all the ingredients for fun. If you have always felt like you’ve been out of the picture why would you think college will be any different? College can be a very nerve wracking place and if your academic experience has been a bit lonely or socially frustrating you might turn to The Art of Charm for a bit of guidance in helping allow college to be socially, as well as academically rewarding.

3. You were bored and decided to surf the self-help blogs for interesting reading and stumbled upon The Art of Charm and instantly became intrigued by the science behind social interaction. You can take tidbits of information out in field to practice it and measure your results immediately. You can be your own social scientist or artist.

2. You have been married, had a girlfriend or for whatever reason have been out of the “game” so long that you are looking to get your “mojo” back. There is nothing wrong with wanting to shake the rust off and study up on your skills. After all, how much effort did you put in to getting that girlfriend or wife in the first place? Who wouldn’t want a more efficient way of going about what can be a highly complicated trial and error procedure? After all how much time have we all ready wasted?

1. Pure frustration of the dating scene. You know deep down inside that this should not be so complicated. Since the beginning of time humans have managed to get together and procreate and it seems that everyone around us is enjoying the benefits of the opposite sex but you. For whatever reason dates seem to go poorly, your online profile doesn’t seem to be helping and the bar scene just ends up being one drunken disaster after another. So you turn to friends, books and other dating type websites only to discover The Art of Charm in the process. The information and podcasts were fun, easily digestible and helped you feel empowered. Now with an easily applied game plan, you feel confident about throwing yourself in the dating pool and enjoying the process of looking for a special connection rather than feeling like you were just taking what had fallen into your lap.

Well guys I hope you have enjoyed the article and I would love to hear how you ended up here. Leave your comments below.

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