Patrick Van Horne | Left of Bang (Episode 432)

Using techniques developed by the Marines makes reading nonverbal cues to identify potential threats very straightforward. “Somewhere between 60-90 percent of all communication is nonverbal. If you’re making a decision in the absence of 60-90 percent of everything you could gather about a situation or person, are you really making an informed judgment?” -Patrick Van Horne The Cheat Sheet: Can … Read More

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Dan Griffin | Man Rules (Episode 430)

You don’t have to be shackled to your programming. Learn to identify and move beyond the Man Rules for genuine relationships and a more emotionally fulfilling life. “The cultural expectations for men have risen dramatically while the guidance for us has changed very little.” -Dan Griffin The Cheat Sheet: Understand how the Man Rules are affecting your life — which … Read More

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Marni Kinrys | Your Wing Girl (Episode 426)

Having a baby is a stressful, transformative experience for even the most prepared couples. Here, we talk about how to survive the ordeals — and enjoy the rewards — of parenthood together. “During that [first] three months, you’re so tired…you don’t even have time to notice there are problems in the relationship.” -Marni Kinrys The Cheat Sheet: Why have a … Read More

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Marni Battista | Advice from a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Episode 422)

If being parked in a bad dating pattern is your idea of a comfort zone, consider how a little discomfort will take you to a far better place. “Imagine two dysfunctional puzzle pieces out in the universe with a magnet…” -Marni Battista The Cheat Sheet: If you want to date out of your league, you just have to be 10% … Read More

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Art of Charm Toolbox | Screening and Qualifying (Episode 420)

AoC Toolbox | Screening and Qualifying (Episode 420)

For better or worse, we mirror the company that we keep. Here’s how we maximize its quality for the best reflection. “I’m selective with second chances, but I’m always willing to give a first chance.” -AJ Harbinger The Cheat Sheet: Are you due for a friend audit? How do you tell the difference between “high value” and “low value” people? … Read More

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Kristen Brown | The Happy Hour Effect (Episode 394)

Kristen Brown, author of The Happy Hour Effect, joins us to talk about how to cope with stress and prevent it from taking over your life.

You can control what happens in your life. The Cheat Sheet: Do successful people simply handle stress better? The origins of fight or flight and why that response is still with us today. What’s the best natural anti-depressant and how can you produce it? What are the earliest signs of stress? What is Kristen’s #1 productivity tip? And so much more… powered … Read More

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Alex Kouts | The Art of Public Speaking (Episode 393)

Alex Kouts talks about how public speaking impacts and improves our communication even if we aren't giving a speech on episode 393 of The Art of Charm.

If you’re serious about advancing your career and yourself, you have to be serious about your communication and speaking skills. Here, Alex Kouts (@akouts) gives us the edge we need to communicate well. “The best ideas not communicated do not exist.” -Alex Kouts The Cheat Sheet: What is the Rule of Threes and how does it apply to communication? How … Read More

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Chalene Johnson | Push: The Real Way to Set and Achieve Goals (Episode 378)

Chalene Johnson, the best-selling author of Push, joins us to talk about the crucial missing step in goal-setting on this episode of The Art of Charm.

There is a simple trick to setting and achieving goals. “The thing that we focus on is what we accomplish.” -Chalene Johnson The Cheat Sheet: What is the one thing that stops most people from achieving their goals? Why and how to create a fortress around your focus. This trait impacts every area of life: what is it? What’s the one question you … Read More

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