Matt | The Evolution of an AoC Student (Episode 150)

Matt Charm Student

Ever wondered what it was like to go through a program here at The Art of Charm? We interviewed Matt, a recent graduate of our weeklong residential Attraction program. This interview is especially insightful because not only did we interview Matt after his program, but we caught up with him beforehand to get a handle on his expectations, checked in with … Read More

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Jordan Harbinger & Neil Strauss in North Korea: Part 1 (Bonus)

North Korea Strauss

Join Jordan Harbinger, Neil Strauss, Gabriel Mizrahi and friends for the first podcast ever recorded inside North Korea (as far as you know). We talk about the trip so far, creepy occurrences, our reflections and ruminations and dish some crazy stories, all before the power gets cut. Enjoy, and don’t forget to catch part 2 (now available here!) with our … Read More

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Dan from (Episode #140)

Couch Surfing

Daniel Hoffer is the co-founder of one of the best sites on the web, Jordan’s been a member since the beginning, and can’t recommend it highly enough.  The Couchsurfing site has made some of his most amazing travel experiences possible, as Couchsurfing let’s you find people to travel with and a place to crash when you’re overseas. You can also … Read More

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Derek Sivers, the Serial Entrepreneur (Episode #128)

Sivers Learning Best

Lessons from a serial entrepreneur and founder of CDbaby Derek Sivers: Why being a good follower might be more important than being a good leader, learning from the best, and the value of experiential learning versus theory. Get more unconventional wisdom from Derek at:   Download audio file You might (you WILL) also like our: Ep. #168: Dr. Glenn … Read More

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Quintessentially Hacking with Josh Klein Part 1 (Episode #118)

Hacker Systems Crow

Josh Klein is a bad-ass hack…er…we mean ‘computer security expert’ who consults Fortune 500 companies and government agencies that we can’t name or we’d have to kill you (and that would be a shame). In his spare time he’s talked his way into the Davos Economic Forum, given a TED talk, and invented a box that trains crows to find … Read More

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Art of Charm Toolbox | Secrets of Social Value: Value Revisited (Episodes 103, 104, & 105)

AoC Toolbox | Secrets of Social Value: Value Revisited (Episodes 103, 104, & 105)

Who decides what you’re socially worth? People make assumptions about you just by seeing the way you interact with and react to others. We just re-made the The Art of Charm Podcast Value Toolbox episodes because we feel they’re so important. This kind of knowledge can change your life — everyday interactions with your friends and family will take on a … Read More

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Episode #72: Adam Lyons, Naturally Generate Attraction

Lyons Natural

Adam Lyons from stops by to give us his insight on breaking rapport and generating attraction naturally. Check out Attraction Explained Check out The Art of Charm Download audio file Show Notes: PUP # 72 Adam Lyons from joins Jordan and AJ to talk about social values, breaking rapport, and generating attraction. Jordan starts off the conversation by … Read More

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