Why Men Need To Work Out With Other Men

By now, you probably know that exercise is not just beneficial to you as a man, it is absolutely essential for your complete wellbeing. While the physical benefits of maintaining a regular work out regimen alone can make it worth it (a perfectly toned body will give you a real confidence boost, not to mention making you irresistible to your partner), regular exercise offers far greater advantages than that. 

A regular exercise regimen will improve the quality of your life and health, and ultimately make you happier and more productive by offering the following advantages:

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular illnesses
  • Maintenance of healthy weight
  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Combats depression and anxiety
  • Reduced risk of colon cancer
  • Reduced cholesterol levels
  • Longer life and better quality of life

There are many reasons why men should workout together. It could be bonding, motivation and a chance to get away from family to release some stress. Here’s our reasons to build a fitness group of men. 

5 Reasons Why It Is Better To Work Out With Other Men

As a man, here are five reasons why it may be best for you to work out with other men regularly:

1. Working out with men is healthier than the bar 

Many of us find ourselves only hanging out with other men when it revolves around an activity like drinking alcohol. This can be fun but it quickly can derail any fitness goals that you might have. Planning a workout session is more constructive than going to the bar with your boys and will save you calories and some money. On top of that getting a few workouts in with your friends will help you to have confidence when you do go out to the bar which may help you land a partner if you don’t already have one. When planning out my week I try to have at least two workouts with my friends and one night out enjoying some drinks. This provides a healthy balance for health and keeps my friendships more interesting. 

2.  Your Fellow Man Will Push You To Do More

When we workout alone sometimes we tend to hold back a little bit not pushing ourselves to new limits. This can hold us back from reaching a new personal record or getting those big arms that we’re looking for. Next time you’re at the gym observe how your workout is going while you’re alone then do the same thing when you have friends working out with you. I will bet that you are lifting more weight and working out longer when you have a group of friends around you. When we workout with other guys we tend to egg each other on a little bit which allows us to work outside of our comfort zone. This effect is also seen when we do a distance even’t like a 5K, 10, Half marathon or marathon. The crowd can push us to new personal records because we can feel the energy from the people around us. 

Side note:

If you’re new to working out make sure to know your limits. If your friend can squat 315 pounds and you just started last week trying to keep up with him is not a great idea. You will get injured. Make sure to tell your friends that it’s important for you to go slow and get the hang of it before adding a ton of weight. 

3.     Get a break from the family 

When you have a family it can be hard to find time to get away with friends but if you plan workouts with them this can be a lot easier. Going out with friends can sound selfish when you’re doing something like going out to the bar but if you plan a gym trip with friends your partner might be more understanding. For parents or people in a relationship it’s important to get away from your loved ones for a bit and just hang with friends. With our busy lives seeing friends can seem impossible. Doing a workout with the boys can kill two birds with one stone. You get to hang and get healthy rather than trying to juggle everything in an already busy schedule.         

4.  Improved Confidence

While working out alone is great it’s important to set up workouts with other people because it improves confidence. In this day and age we are tied to our phones all the time working on our virtual life rather than our real friendships. We sit at home waiting for the next notification from our phone telling us that we got a like from some that we knew in high school. Wouldn’t working out with the boys be better than this? Getting an actual pat on the back for hitting a personal record or seeing your friend smile because you did an exercise that you never thought you could. This kind of in person relationship building is much more important than the ones you’re building online. Getting likes in real time from real friends has a major impact on your confidence which will help you land that job you want, meet your next partner, be a better spouse and make you smile more. 

5.  Great For Bonding

Psychology shows us that people perform better when included in social in-groups, and this is no different when it comes to working out. Working out with other men will help you bond better with them, which can help forge or improve social relationships and make you happier in the long run. It will also help you form stronger relationships with people, even outside the gym. 

Friendships are built because you allow people to see you when you’re weak and vulnerable. Working out in the gym together will allow your friends to see you fail, succeed and reach your goals. Working out with them will allow them to see what you’re made of and this will build respect from the friend group allowing deeper bonds to form. Some of the best friends I have have been built in the gym and it’s crazy to see how quickly those friendships can build in that setting. There’s something about picking up a heavy object and putting it down that builds powerful bonds between men. 

Bottom Line

Exercising has been proven to offer several physical, mental and health benefits to people. Beyond this, though, bonding with other men while working out can give you a great confidence boost while building deeper friendships. In this post, we’ve identified some of the positive reasons why you should plan a workout with the boys. What are you waiting for? text some of your friends and get a workout planned. 

David Nickum is the owner of www.onthegofitnesspro.com.