Personal Branding: Make Yourself the Man You Want to Be

Personal branding isn’t just for Diddy; It’s something that every man can do. In fact, it’s a big part of crafting your image, not just for those around you, but for yourself. Do you want to be the man that you’ve always thought about being? Then personal branding is for you. Read on to learn more about how personal branding can help you to make yourself into the man that you want to be.

Young man thinking with empty copy spaceFigure Out Who You Want to Be

First things first: If you want to make yourself into the man you want to be, you first need to figure out what that is. Personal branding is largely the art of projecting who you want to be. Sit down and ask yourself what you want to be. Who are your heroes? What are your aspirations? What do you most want to get out of life? Take time to answer these questions. It will help you to guide yourself as personal branding becomes more a part of your life.

How Does He Walk?

Think of the man that you want to be: How does he walk? Look at the way that other men that you admire walk. Try and emulate that walk. This is pretty much the foundation of personal branding. Everything else you build about the man that you want to be is going to be built on top of this. Master this and you’re going to start seeing massive changes in how you feel, how you think and how others look at you.

How Does He Talk?

Apply the same exercise to how you talk. What words do you choose? How fast do you speak? What about your tone of voice? These are all things that you need to pay attention to as your create personal branding and make yourself into the man that you want to be. Women will definitely start noticing how you talk and how that aligns with how you walk. Put these two things together and you’re going to notice that you’re starting to become the man that you want to be.

How Does He Dress?

Do the clothes make the man? Not really, but they’re a representation of the man. Who you are on the inside is something that you need to represent on the outside when it comes to personal branding. Even if you ultimately decide that’s a very casual “jeans and t-shirt” type appearance, you want your clothes to be clean and you want them to fit properly. Other than that, whatever you feel best portrays the image that you’re going for is the “right” thing to wear… whether that’s rocker gear or a three-piece suit is up to you.

What Are His Goals?

Personal branding isn’t just about being the man that you want to be today. It’s also about planning to be the man that you want to be tomorrow. What are the goals of the man that you want to be? Where does he see himself going? Figure that out and you’re going to have a personal brand that’s always guiding you toward becoming the man that you don’t even know you want to be yet.

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