Questions to Ask a Girl to Keep Her Engaged

Questions to AskThis has probably happened to you at least once: You’re out at a bar or a club, talking to a woman. Things are going great… until they’re not. For reasons you don’t fully understand, she’s started losing interest and it’s showing. It’s OK, though: It’s probably nothing to do with you personally. You just need some questions to ask a girl to keep her engaged.

Why You Want to Keep Her Engaged

You need to a keep a woman engaged through the entire conversation. There are two reasons for this: The first is that you want to ask for her number during a high point of the conversation. The second is that the more engaged she is throughout a conversation, the more she’s going to remember you as a stand up guy that she had a great time with who really gets who she is as a person. These are keys to being a man who is able to create attraction more than not.

How Questions to Ask a Girl Help

So how are questions going to help you? Well, questions give the other person the opportunity to talk. More importantly, they give her the chance to talk about herself. A lot of guys are in such a hurry to try and impress a woman that they don’t give her much chance to tell her own story. By asking questions that keep her engaged, you’re doing more than just keeping her engaged: You’re also showing that you’re interested in who she is and what she has to say.

Open-Ended Questions Are a Man’s Best Friend

Open-ended questions to ask a girl are one of the best ways to create and sustain engagement. Don’t ask her where she works; ask her what she likes about where she works. Don’t ask where she grew up; ask her to tell you about where she grew up. These types of questions don’t just allow her to talk longer, they also give you a greater insight into who she is by allowing her to speak for a longer period of time.

Relating To What She’s Just Said

Now comes the most important part: Relating to what she just said. Relating to what she said shows that you’re listening and expresses interest in a way that simply telling her that you’re interested can’t do. You do this by first identifying the emotional core of what she just said (“Yeah, I have a job that’s difficult but rewarding too” or “I grew up in the big city, but it sounds like you loved living in a small town as a kid”). Then you relate to it in your own way by talking about the subject at hand.

Coming up with questions to ask a girl to keep her interested isn’t rocket science. It’s just about paying attention to her and keeping the conversation going. Like most parts of creating attraction, it’s just a simple series of procedures that any man can learn.

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