Having Confidence with Women – The Key to Attraction

Have you ever tried to start a conversation with a beautiful woman, only to find yourself choking on your own words and stuttering like a maniac? There’s something about the sight of an attractive woman that turns men into jellyfish, but if you can overcome this apprehension and learn to have confidence with women, you will look much more attractive for it.

If you don’t feel confident, just exhibit confidence anyway. In other words, fake it ‘til you make it. It’s not easy, but if you work hard to maintain strong body language and keep your words under control, you will gradually start to feel the confidence that you only pretended to have at first. Remember, practice makes permanent.

And while we’re on the subject of practice, it’s important to place yourself in a position to be around beautiful women as much as possible. If you have a hard time maintaining your cool around pretty girls, Visit strip clubs, hostess bars, modeling events, and any place where you know that attractive women will be in abundance. Don’t try to pick these women up; just hang out and have fun bantering. By regularly placing yourself in these environments and forcing yourself to interact, beautiful women will lose their mystique and you will find it much easier to communicate with them in any environment.

In addition, sign up for dancing or yoga meetups. You will meet a ton of women at these events, and you can have a blast just interacting and having fun with them. And as an added bonus, women associate sexuality with men who can dance, so it’s a win-win.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, erase the thought of outcome dependency from your mind. By not worrying about the outcome, you take the pressure off of yourself and it becomes easier to just have fun and be your best self. Treat gorgeous women exactly as you would treat any other girl, and stick to your original game plan no matter much you feel tempted to revert to your old habits.

There’s no magic secret to having confidence with women. Like anything, it’s just a matter of changing your mindset.

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