Flirting Advice for the Introvert

Introverts are all over the Internet these days. But when it comes to the introvert, is there any special sort of flirting advice they need? Of course there is. But the basic principle is still the same: Be fun, be challenging, be sexual. For the introvert, it’s largely a matter of challenging what he thinks about himself and overcoming it. Here’s our guide.

Cute nerd guy and girl holding heart in classroomCommit to Test Yourself

It all begins with a commitment to testing yourself. Until you do that, you’re not going to be able to radically transform your life. And, to a certain extent, making the decision to get out there and flirt with women can be a radical life transformation for the introvert.

Accept that it’s not going to be easy, but also accept that it’s work you’ve decided to do, even when the flirting advice gets hard. Nothing else will happen until that decision has been made.

Set Yourself Up in a High-Traffic Area (Making it easy for yourself)

One thing you should do is make it easy on yourself. One way to do that is to set yourself up in a high-traffic area. When you roll up at the bar or the club, look for the place where most people are walking by. This sets you up for success by making your job easier: It’s a lot easier to talk to more women when they’re constantly walking by you. Plus you can do little things like high fives dudes who are walking by to show that you’re a confident, outgoing dude who just seems to know everyone at the bar.

Set Attainable Goals

You want to set goals when you go out to make sure that you’re not just spinning your wheels. So set goals: Attainable goals that also require you to stretch yourself. The goals should be measurable (talk to five women, get one phone number, for example) so that there’s no question about whether or not you have actually achieved the goal. That allows you to take advantage of the best part of being an introvert moving into more flirting.

If you’re needing help getting started with flirting click here for more information on what makes for good flirting advice.

Pat Yourself on the Back For Success

When you achieve a goal, let yourself know that you did a good job. Nothing breeds success like more success. When you’re looking to fundamentally change things about yourself, you’re going to need all the cheerleading you can get. Don’t apologize for it. Just do it.

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