The Best Dating App to Hook Up

Odds are you’ve heard all about what is probably the best hook up dating app out there: Tinder.  But you may not know exactly how to use Tinder to meet high-quality women.  If you want to get the most out of this hook up dating app, here are some tips on how to have success using Tinder.

Your pictures

Success with a hook up dating app like Tinder starts with great profile pictures.  This is by far the most important part of your profile.  So to make sure you’ve got great pictures up, follow these simple rules:

First, remember that you want pictures that are going to stand out and grab a girl’s attention.  That means mixing pictures that show different aspects of your personality.  Throw in pictures of you doing activities, out with friends, dressed up in a suit, or even wearing a crazy costume.  Having variety shows women you have a dynamic personality, and will help you stand out from the crowd.

Second, make sure you have a least one good headshot picture mixed in.  A picture where she can see your face clearly and you’re giving a warm, friendly smile.  By smiling in at least one picture she’ll feel more comfortable chatting and eventually meeting up with you.  

Your Description

The next part of your hook up dating app profile is your personal description.  Like your pictures, you want this section to show you’re fun, dynamic, and intriguing.

One way to do that is to play a game like “2 truths and a lie” in your profile.  List a few things about yourself, and include one thing that’s a lie.  Then offer up a little challenge and see if she can guess the lie.  This is a great way to add some intrigue and stand out from all the boring, generic profiles out there.  (You can even be outrageous in your lie, and just throw something in there that’s fun and stands out – like “I wrestle sharks”).

Don’t over-swipe

Once your profile is set up it’s time to start getting matched up with girls.  While you don’t want to spend too long examining every profile, you also don’t want to swipe right on every girl out there.  Why?  Because Tinder limits the number of matches you get.  It also tracks your swipes and if they see you’re just accepting every girl who appears on your screen, they’re not going to bother showing you the more sought-after women in your area.

So be at least a little discerning and only swipe girls that you’re actually interested in meeting.  Otherwise you’ll get stuck with a lot of low-quality matches that you don’t really care about.  And you’ll never get a chance to see the more high-quality women that are using this hook up dating app.


Once you have some matches go ahead and start sending messages.  Don’t wait for her to message you first because odds are, she won’t.  She’s got tons of guys messaging her already so if you don’t jump into the mix and get things moving, she’ll move on to the guys that are giving her attention.

The key to a great first message is to start things off with some light, playful banter.  To make your banter as effective as possible, link it to something directly from her profile.  For example, if she mentions that she likes riding motorcycles and you’re a fan as well, you could say “You had me at riding motorcycles…”  Alternatively, you could try something like “Wait, you like riding motorcycles?  Can we just skip Tinder and get married right now?”

Get in the right state of mind

Using hookup dating apps to meet women is going to be a lot easier if you have the right mindset.  You want to see Tinder as a fun alternative way to meet women.  Don’t make it your #1 tool for hookups but view it as more of a supplement.  When you see hook up dating apps this way it’ll be easier to just relax and have fun meeting girls through Tinder.

Enjoying the process of meeting girls through Tinder is key because the more fun you have, the more successful you’ll be meeting women.  After all if you’re in a fun, playful, positive state of mind when you create your profile and write your messages, that state is going to come across in the way you write.  You’ll be more willing to take risks and try new messages, which means you’ll discover even more ways to be successful meeting girls on Tinder.

A Behind-the-scenes look at women on Tinder

Want to really know what works and what doesn’t when using hook up dating apps?  Then do a little bit of investigative research.  Talk to women you know who have used Tinder and find out what things jump out at them and get them interested in a guy – and what things turn them off.

If possible, see if you can be a “fly on the wall” with one of your friends as she uses Tinder.  Ask her to simply share what’s going on in her head in real-time as she’s accepting and rejecting different guys.  This will give you some great insight into what women are looking for and what details are important.  You’re bound to pick up a few tips and insights that you would not have discovered any other way.

Win her over

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