Today we talk with Christine Hassler about why she left her Hollywood career, the origins of her book Expectation Hangover and more on The Art of Charm.
Christine Hassler | How to Cure an Expectation Hangover (Episode 371)

Don’t believe every thing you think! “Some of us get wake up calls in a graceful way and some of us need a massive 2×4 to hit us on the head.”-Christine Hassler The Cheat Sheet: What is the original definition of passion? What exactly is an expectation hangover, according to Christine? Our unconscious mind runs […]

Brad Szollose is the author of Liquid Leadership. He helps companies bridge generation gaps. We talk about that and more on episode 370 of The Art of Charm.
Brad Szollose | Liquid Leadership and Bridging Generational Gaps (Episode 370)

Baby Boomers and Millennials think in opposite ways. “Millennials are your new customer and your new workforce. They don’t think, behave, buy or romance the same.”-Brad Szollose The Cheat Sheet: What’s the one question to ask when learning a new technology or latest trend? 50% of NASA scientists say the reason they became a NASA scientist […]

Here to tell us how to burn fat without exercising is Ben Greenfield. Ben shares his most effective tools and tips on episode 369 of The Art of Charm.
Ben Greenfield | How to Burn Fat Without Exercising (Episode 369)

You don’t have to exercise 4 hours a day. “Any time your body has to venture outside of its homeostatic norm and make micro adjustments it will burn calories.”-Ben Greenfield The Cheat Sheet: Why adding a cool shower can help you burn fat. Shivering boosts your metabolism by 300%: true or false? How does wi-fi […]

Danny is the man behind Firepole Marketing and the author of Engagement From Scratch. We chat about all of that and more on episode 368 of The Art of Charm.
Danny Iny | Engagement From Scratch (Episode 368)

Extroverts aren’t always the best networkers. “Business savvy comes down to being able to sustainably and effectively get done whatever it is you want to get done.”-Danny Iny The Cheat Sheet: Can you fake being a good networker? Why not answering your emails promptly will be detrimental to your success. What do skyhooks and cranes […]

Steve Sims joins us to talk about how to always get a yes, how he built his elite luxury concierge service, and more on episode 367 of The Art of Charm.
Steve Sims | How to Always Get a Yes (Episode 367)

First you’ve got to believe you’ll get a “yes”. “The perfection is in the imperfection.”-Steve Sims The Cheat Sheet: How to get anyone to say yes to your request. What is market ugly and how does it work? Creating a win-win scenario: Steve shares how he does it. The three words he says you should […]

Rich Roll, ultra-athlete and the author of Finding Ultra, joins us to talk about overcoming addiction, creating real change and more on The Art of Charm.
Rich Roll | Finding Ultra and Rejecting Middle Age (Episode 366)

Small, progressive steps create lasting change. “I allowed myself to be imperfect and to fail.”-Rich Roll The Cheat Sheet: Are you on The Window Diet? Junk food vegetarianism: what is it? Rich explains the problem with our “hacking” culture. What forges true character? How to master your monkey mind. And so much more… Allowing ourselves to […]

Today on The Art of Charm Mark Divine talks about his program Sealfit, an integrative warrior training program. All of that and more on episode 365.
Mark Divine | 8 Weeks to Sealfit (Episode 365)

Toughness goes beyond just physical prowess. “We like to go to the challenge before the challenge comes to us.”-Mark Divine The Cheat Sheet: Why do 80% of Navy SEAL trainees fail? What’s the oldest personal development system known to mankind? When do we grow and learn the most according to Mark? What is kokoro and […]

Kevin Davis is an anxiety coach who has dealt with anxiety personally. He's here to tell us about that and more on episode 364 of The Art of Charm.
Kevin Davis | Overcoming Anxiety Naturally (Episode 364)

Many high performers suffer from anxiety. “The anxiety itself becomes an addiction.”-Kevin Davis The Cheat Sheet: Do only combat veterans suffer from PTSD? What is brain zap? Why you don’t have to be a monk to meditate. Rest and relaxation are not lazy: how to change your mindset on this. True or false: it takes […]

Dr. Chris Ryan has co-authored the book Sex At Dawn. He shares what biology tells us about our sexual history and more on episode 363 of The Art of Charm.
Dr. Chris Ryan | Sex At Dawn (Episode 363)

Sex has long been about relationships, not procreating. “Monogamy is like vegetarianism: it doesn’t come naturally to our species.”-Dr. Chris Ryan The Cheat Sheet: Why the gangbang porn category is so popular from a biological standpoint. Women are usually the most vocal during sex: why? The one surefire way to know if a woman has […]

Harville Hendrix, relationship expert and author of Getting The Love You Want, joins us for a relationship-centered chat on episode 362 of The Art of Charm.
Harville Hendrix | Getting The Love You Want (Episode 362)

You chose your partners for a reason. “The bottom line for great relationships is you have to know how to deal with differences.” -Harville Hendrix The Cheat Sheet: What is zero negativity and how do you use it in a relationship? Imago: what is it and why should you bother to care? Only 10% of […]