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The Art of Charm team breaks down how to overcome approach anxiety, what to say when you meet a woman, how to get her on a date and sealing the deal. AJ and Jordan talk chicks and give you the confidence you need to approach any woman.

Scott H Young | Language Hacks for Everyday Life (Episode 353)
Scott H Young | Language Hacks for Everyday Life (Episode 353)

Language hacks aren’t just for languages. “Vulnerability is the best way to show strength, and vulnerability and respect go hand in hand.”-The Art of Charm The Cheat Sheet: How he condensed four years of MIT curriculum into 12 months. The new learning paradigm: Scott explains. When is it most important to speak with natives of […]

On today's show is Steve Sisler, behavioral analyst, a people reading savant! We discuss tips on how to read people, and more on today's The Art of Charm.
Steve Sisler | How to Read People (Episode 350)

Adjust your style to connect. “We don’t see people as they are, we see people as we are.”-Steve Sisler The Cheat Sheet: The three reasons people listen. How much of communication is verbal, how much body language? What behavioral profile do nurses most often fit? Why meek does not equal weak. The secret to saying anything […]