Gary Wilson, Your Brain On Porn (Episode #158)

Porn Brain Science

Watch too much porn?

Having some trouble getting it up?  Losing interest in real-life women?

You may not know (we had no idea), that excessive porn use can cause something called Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (ED), and contributes to depression, fatigue and biochemical / brain changes that can negatively affect you for years to come.

Morality aside (we’ll stick to the science in this episode, thank you), new studies are showing that watching all that ‘harmless’ porn causes an addiction that might be doing damage you’ve yet to discover.

For more, check out

You can also see Gary Wilson’s TEDx talk at:  It’s called “The Great Porn Experiment”


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  • kd

    Best podcast ever, I was using porn for entertainment and substitution for the real thing (even while getting the real thing). Life changing, literally, for poor saps like me that were exposed to porn before we even knew what it was.

  • mikeryburn

    Since limiting my porn+masturbation to once a week (every sunday), I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my life. Longer eye contact with people, feeling a little more confident, more energy to be social, yesterday I was happy for no reason and started dancing all the way up my stairs into my apartment…wouldn’t happen if I had masturbated the night before. If you have any form of social anxiety or aren’t completely satisfied with your social life, you’re selling yourself short to continue using porn+masturbation every night. First try to go 7 days without porn+masturbating and see the effects for yourself, if you have the will power then try your best to limit porn+masturbation to once or twice a week…it can be a rewarding experience for some (including myself)

    This was a great podcast, however I wish it was even more convincing for skeptics, maybe Jordan could have been a little more informed? Can’t blame him though with the amount of podcasts he does.

    I think the term “porn addiction” makes it sound like only people who watch porn for 3 hours a day. When in reality I think a porn addiction is simply using porn every night. It could be perfectly innocuous but in my experience it definitely affects you

    • Actually, I’ve read a ton of material on the site as Gary suggested. I guess since this problem doesn’t affect me personally, there wasn’t much in the way of being able to relate to it. Glad you enjoyed the show!