Jonathan Bailor | The SANE War on Obesity (Episode 421)

Modern science tells us how we can exercise less and eat more to naturally lose weight, avoid diabetes, and beat the obesity epidemic. “You don’t cure diseases through starvation.” -Jonathan Bailor The Cheat Sheet: Is sugar more dangerous than cigarettes? Why are there as many overweight people today as there were total people alive a century ago? Why does calorie … Read More

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Confidence and Women: Why They Love It, How to Live It

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One of the most basic expressions of confidence is how you stand and how you walk. Standing up straight communicates that you’re a highly confident man. Slouching communicates that you’re not so sure of yourself. Here’s an exercise that will help you to have better posture: Every time that you walk through a door, do a quick body check to see how your posture is. Make any necessary corrections.

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