Profiles of Success #7 | Deepen Patel

Profiles of Success #7 | Deepen Patel

Deepen Patel chose AoC because of the foundation laid by the podcast, but also because training in a residential environment is immersive and effective.

Our new Profiles of Success series highlights the stories of the men and women who attend our AoC Bootcamp or partake of our other programs. Sometimes we forget just how life-changing our courses can be. These stories remind us and, we hope, will inform and inspire you.

“AoC provided me with the tools to guide my success in future endeavors.” -Deepen Patel

Deepen Patel’s journey to the Art of Charm, and eventually Bootcamp, actually began with the death of his mother. She had always been loving and supportive of him, and even as he struggled to launch a real estate business, she still said she was proud of him for earning his license. It would take some time for Deepen to realize that his immediate reaction, which was, “Why are you proud? I haven’t done anything” didn’t really take his mother’s perspective into account, which was, “I’m glad you’re on the journey to something you want to do.”

Deepen embarked on a more serious path of personal development and found the Art of Charm podcast and felt that Bootcamp could propel him forward on that journey in a fast and substantial way. After saving up some funds, he came to Los Angeles in January of 2017.


Both during and after Bootcamp, Deepen felt overwhelmed. Not in a bad way: he simply felt that there were so many different ways he could improve personally and implement the training in the real world that, at first, he wasn’t sure where to start. He didn’t have to wait too long; after he returned from Bootcamp he had an interview in which he used the Confidence Formula in preparation for the interview. By examining his attitude, knowledge, and experience before walking in, he felt more in charge than he had for any other job interview in his life.

Part of this stemmed from the analysis of interactions he had during the week. During field nights he would get immediate feedback on his behavior — whether it was being aware of a tendency to get on the “question train” (asking too many questions and turning an interaction into an interview), or his posture, or simply having the courage to initiate a conversation. “I can remember that my feet felt literally glued to the ground at times when all I wanted to do was go over and say hello,” says Deepen. Hearing the gentle but firm encouragement from the AoC coaches made all the difference.

Later in the week a large and muscular guy with a rather pissed-off look on his face was walking towards him and his group. Rather than avoid him, Deepen offered him a high-five, which the guy returned. Though the guy still looked a bit irritated even after the high five, the point of the interaction was that there’s always an opportunity to interrupt someone’s pattern and mindset, and perhaps cheer them up, even when that someone is a total stranger. “Getting outside my comfort zone can be scary,” Deepen says, “but I knew each time I did it I was creating opportunities for myself to grow.”


Apart from initiating a job change after Bootcamp, Deepen also saw growth in his relationship with his sister. She saw his communication adapt and improve and she mirrored him. She’s listening to him more and also helping facilitate better communication between Deepen and his father. Deepen has also found himself being more mindful about who he surrounds himself with, and is curating a great group of friends.

“Bootcamp delivered all I expected and more,” says Deepen. “I chose AoC because of the foundation laid by the podcast, but also because training in a residential environment is immersive and impactful. Not only do you learn from the instructors, but you learn from each other as well. And those lifelong friends will be there as I continue to level up in my life.”

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