Profiles of Success #6 | Devin Ambron

Profiles of Success #6 | Devin Ambron

Devin Ambron listened to every single episode of The Art of Charm Podcast in 2010. But it was a visit to the residency Bootcamp program in Los Angeles that taught him the lessons that would stick.

Our new Profiles of Success series highlights the stories of the men and women who attend our AoC Bootcamp or partake of our other programs. Sometimes we forget just how life-changing our courses can be. These stories remind us and, we hope, will inform and inspire you.

“AoC gave me the confidence to surface my embedded masculine energy.” -Devin Ambron


Taking Action

When I asked Devin about breakthrough moments during the week of Bootcamp, he mentioned his conversations with women during field nights. He thought that he was engaging in appropriate and timely physical touch, but during the postgame with coaches they noted he needed to do more. He wasn’t taking the social cues — like reciprocating when a girl touched him as well — and he found himself falling into a banter loop without building on that physical attraction. Having coaches observe and correct on the spot helped him understand (and correct) his blind spots.

Those field nights provided opportunities to add value to the lives of people he just met, and that gave him a feeling of positive energy that he’d very rarely experienced before.

The Next Step

Upon returning from Bootcamp, Devin promptly broke up with the girl he was dating. “There was not an open dialogue about our relationship at the time and I knew after discovering my true desires in a partner that it was time to start over.” It didn’t just affect his dating life. Devin found a massive shift occurring in the energy he gave to events, people, and his career. He also credits the alumni network as a primary support network in maintaining and growing as a person over the last seven years.

When I asked Devin why he thought someone should attend an AoC program, he responded, “It’s about investing in yourself — not just once, but over time. Building confidence isn’t something you can get from a one-day or even one-week workshop. It takes true commitment to manifest enough self-love to that state unequivocally that you are an awesome man who is worthy of building a life he desires. At Bootcamp I received the framework to build with, and via my fellow alumni I have long-term support.”

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