Profiles of Success #3 | Tom Hudson

Tom Hudson shopped around and came back twice before signing up for AoC Bootcamp, but day three literally paid for his tuition. He’s still plugged into our extensive alumni network, and he even comes back every now and again to help our new classes out.

Our new Profiles of Success series highlights the stories of the men and women who attend our AoC Bootcamp or partake of our other programs. Sometimes we forget just how life-changing our courses can be. These stories remind us and, we hope, will inform and inspire you.

“AoC provided me with the tools, methods, and alumni network which helped me remove barriers of fear, anxiety, and negative thought patterns to give me a life full of abundance and positive energy.” -Tom Hudson

Tom Hudson’s story is truly unique among our alumni. He first started listening to the AoC podcast back in 2010, and at the time he was living in San Diego, which was just down the freeway from AoC’s Los Angeles HQ. In 2011 he made the drive to listen to a 90-minute monthly presentation put on by Jordan and Johnny. He didn’t end up signing up that night — in fact it would be another fifteen months before he eventually came to Bootcamp. He actually came up for a second presentation and Jordan took him aside afterwards, “What’s the deal, man? Are you going to do this or what?” Before this second presentation Tom had been looking at other programs but he was really turned off by their presentations and methods. These other programs seemed one-dimensional and focused on manipulation. He sensed that AoC was really different and was a place where he could be vulnerable and completely honest, which is what led to him signing up on the spot after that second presentation.

From Skepticism to 125% Value

Tom loves our alumni network and has actually come back several times to assist at Bootcamp. When I asked him what percentage of his tuition the alumni network represented in value to him, he responded, “125%!” Part of this probably stems from the fact that he got plugged into the alumni network before he ever came to Bootcamp. Jordan connected him with some alumni who lived in San Diego and those interactions and relationships helped to till the soil and prepare Tom for Bootcamp itself.

Day Three of Bootcamp literally paid for Tom’s tuition. Activated by Johnny’s urging of Tom and his fellow classmates to “take charge” of their lives, Tom pulled out his laptop during a break and wrote to his boss. He had been on a two-year work assignment in San Diego that was coming to an end and he expressed a desire to be assigned to Puerto Rico for a year, and asked for a raise and promotion to boot, giving reasons why both were warranted. Fifteen minutes later he had a response from his boss: Yes, yes, and yes, and congratulations that Tom was taking his career to the next level. This possibility had been there all along, but he just needed someone to tell him to go for it. The difference between his old and new pay levels more than covered his AoC tuition. Talk about ROI!

Tom had listened to a lot of AoC material prior to coming to Bootcamp, but what it provided was a simple programmed format that made the experience challenging, fun, and supportive. He enjoyed it enough to come back to two other Bootcamps and is still in touch with every fellow classmate. Within the alumni facebook group he built on something called “Small Victory Mondays” which is focused on sharing and celebrating those small wins that move you toward the big ones to create “Gratitude Wednesdays.” He really values the interactions, camaraderie, and encouragement that all alumni share, both on and offline.

Since Bootcamp

Since his AoC experiences, Tom has remained at the company where he was working, but has managed to start multiple businesses aligned with his personal beliefs and values. These companies allow him to express himself in ways that he hadn’t been able to before.

His relationships are more real for the simple reason that he is willing to “be vulnerable and own [his] emotions, behaviors, and beliefs.” This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t face insecurities or challenges. What’s different is that he feels he has a toolkit now, not just in the skills he learned but in the feedback of his fellow alumni: “What would debilitate me for weeks, months, or years in the past I can resolve in lightning speed now.”

When asked what he tells people when they ask about Bootcamp, he says: “Ultimately, AoC is about removing bad programming, negative thought patterns, and years of negative stories that we tell ourselves by confronting these head-on. You’re provided with tools to overcome all these challenges, not just in Bootcamp, but long afterwards. If you stay diligent it will improve your entire person. AoC does not churn out robots; AoC turns deflated men into men with passion and exuberance. You’ll be given the tools to help you live the life of your dreams. Check your ego at the door, smile, and be ready to be a rock star.”

You don’t need to take two years and two presentations with Jordan and Johnny to decide to come to Bootcamp! Learn from Tom’s experience and take the shortcut.

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Stephen Heiner was born in Singapore and moved to America just before his ninth birthday. He's stepped foot on every continent except Antarctica, served in the US Marine Corps, and is living the charmed life of a writer in Paris. He has a passion for running small businesses and storytelling. More than anything he enjoys getting people to think differently about the things they take for granted. Here at The Art of Charm, Stephen matches his life experience to our content to extract key points in written form for our students and clients to ruminate and act upon.


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