Michael Port | Steal the Show (Episode 450)

Michael Port | Steal the Show (Episode 450)

Every interaction is a performance — whether you’re speaking up in a meeting, pitching a client, negotiating a raise, or walking into a job interview. Michael Port tells us how to steal the show. “There’s a benefit to being chameleon-like.” -Michael Port The Cheat Sheet: At its core, a good performance is genuine. (08:10) How do we separate our desire … Read More

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Dr. Aziz | Calm Confidence (Bonus)

Dr. Aziz | Calm Confidence (Bonus)

You can learn to overcome social anxiety, self-doubt, and hesitation with the comfort and ease that arrives with a healthy dose of self-confidence. “We can’t even control all the judgments in our own heads let alone someone else’s.” -Dr. Aziz The Cheat Sheet: How can we let go of our need for approval from others? (06:49) How do we find … Read More

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Jason Connell | Ignited Leadership (Episode 444)

Even if it seems like you’ve got the world figured out and you should be loving life, you might be among a surprising number of high-performing people who find happiness, confidence, and connection elusive. “The high performer only ever really sees the gap between themselves and everyone else — and how much worse they are without realizing what’s great about … Read More

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Patrick Van Horne | Left of Bang (Episode 432)

Using techniques developed by the Marines makes reading nonverbal cues to identify potential threats very straightforward. “Somewhere between 60-90 percent of all communication is nonverbal. If you’re making a decision in the absence of 60-90 percent of everything you could gather about a situation or person, are you really making an informed judgment?” -Patrick Van Horne The Cheat Sheet: Can … Read More

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Dan Griffin | Man Rules (Episode 430)

You don’t have to be shackled to your programming. Learn to identify and move beyond the Man Rules for genuine relationships and a more emotionally fulfilling life. “The cultural expectations for men have risen dramatically while the guidance for us has changed very little.” -Dan Griffin The Cheat Sheet: Understand how the Man Rules are affecting your life — which … Read More

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Marni Kinrys | Your Wing Girl (Episode 426)

Having a baby is a stressful, transformative experience for even the most prepared couples. Here, we talk about how to survive the ordeals — and enjoy the rewards — of parenthood together. “During that [first] three months, you’re so tired…you don’t even have time to notice there are problems in the relationship.” -Marni Kinrys The Cheat Sheet: Why have a … Read More

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Marni Battista | Advice from a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Episode 422)

If being parked in a bad dating pattern is your idea of a comfort zone, consider how a little discomfort will take you to a far better place. “Imagine two dysfunctional puzzle pieces out in the universe with a magnet…” -Marni Battista The Cheat Sheet: If you want to date out of your league, you just have to be 10% … Read More

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Kevin Kermes | Bridge the Direct Experience Gap (Episode 418)

It’s never too late to shed a lousy job description. Learn to bridge the direct experience gap and stop enduring work you hate. “It’s painful to learn new stuff, [but] I learned how to surf and snowboard at 40!” -Kevin Kermes The Cheat Sheet: Why it’s critical to translate your skills (and the #1 way people fail when trying). How … Read More

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