The Secret to Starting Meetings off in Your Favor

Try this easy email trick to ensure your first meeting with someone goes smoothly and wastes no time with introductions that should have already been made.

Let’s say you have an in-person meeting coming up with someone you don’t know too well yet. It might be a planning session, a sales call, an informational interview, a negotiation, or just a friendly lunch. Whatever the context, you want the other person to understand who you are and why you’re meeting — and ultimately take you seriously from … Read More

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3 Ways to Make Your Email Pop

Are they opening and reading your emails? Follow these five strategies and they will.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of our best email hacks, from mastering the call-to-action to creating killer email templates. In this piece, we’ll be focusing on stepping up your personal correspondence style — and using that style to get what you want by email. Specifically, we’ll be talking about how to create compelling subject lines, use … Read More

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