The Seven Rules of Persuasion and Sales with Stephen Lowisz

Sales is a part of everyday life, whether you are selling the idea of a promotion to your boss or selling the idea of a date to the person you’re attracted to, but why do many of us associate sales with being sleazy, what can you do to come across as an authentic salesperson with integrity, and what are the seven rules of persuasion and sales?


What to Listen For

  • Why do so many people get turned off or grossed out by sales and salespeople?
  • What parts of life DON’T involve some form of salesmanship and persuasion?
  • If sales is a part of life whether we like it or not, what can you do to improve your sales and persuasion skills?
  • What is the difference between manipulation and persuasion and why does it make all the difference in the world when it comes to being a great salesperson?
  • How do you maintain your integrity in sales when you’re constantly being pressured by your boss to get that next sale?
  • What can you do to be influential without being manipulative?
  • How can you look at a sale as a moral obligation you have to the person you are selling to?
  • What are Stephen Lowisz’s seven rules of persuasion and sales?
  • What shows true authenticity as a salesperson and how can that authenticity save your integrity and the integrity of the company you work for?
  • Why is it crucial to communicate a vision to who you are selling to?
  • What can you to require action of a prospect in order to move the sales process closer to a close?


Sales can and should be fun if you believe in what you are selling, whether you are selling a date night to your significant other, an adventurous vacation to your friends, or a business solution to a client. 


If you are able to provide value and/or fix a problem someone has then you can argue you have a moral obligation to sell your idea to the other person, and having that moral obligation can provide you with the determination and enthusiasm to hear the other party out and explain to them exactly how you are going to help them. 


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