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You were born to be sexual, you were born to be social” – Steve Mayeda

The Cheat Sheet:

  • Sex is natural ­ -It is more natural for you to be sexual and social than getting up for work and driving a car everyday.
  • Being a positive male example ­ Identity and life experience are key. I never run from that. I have lived many great relationships and bad ones. My journey has had many ups and downs to get where I could be happy, in a relationship with my ideal woman, business and expression of self. Life has no rules, you need to own it and express who you are. Experience can only teach that. My many lessons on life, fatherhood, relationships have been very real. And in the end beautiful , because I learned to love myself.
  • The myth of social and sexual value ­ Most dating advice is superficial. Superficial is meant to connect from a far, but what gives us meaning and fulfillment all comes from being close and connection. The value is in you, not outside of you. To be fulfilled means to connect with what is within.
  • Approaching makes you worse ­ Over the years guys who only focus on approaching have less friend, and more dysfunctional relationships….why? You need to focus on more simple social actions with the result of being socially and sexually healthy.
  • The Power of Saying Hello ­ -The goal of TSL is to be the better man. No matter what level you are at the goal is to be happy today. We do this by promoting the idea of just saying hello to people. Just putting ourselves out there. We get more results from that, than from any ‘technique’.

Being a better man is dependent on being sexually healthy, authentic and sexually active. If you want to improve with your life you need to do what you were born to do.

Steve Mayeda is the founder and creator of in addition Steve is also an instructor with Venusian Arts. He is currently leading and creating their course for the overall man. Steve has been teaching professionally for nearly 10 years, taught in 5 continents in over 20 countries. The official host for the 21 Convention, and actually given the most speeches at the 21 Convention.

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