John Romaniello | Engineering the Alpha (Episode 240)

“Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.” – Proverb

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Hormones dictate a major portion of our life, ability and behavior. We feel what we feel because of the hormonal activities of our body.

And here to talk about their importance and give us a better understanding of their role in our lives is John Romaniello.

John is one of the most highly regarded experts in the fitness industry, he has written for a myriad of publications, ranging from Men’s Health to Fast Company, and has been featured as an expert on a number of television programs, including Good Morning America.

He’s also the author of Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha shares his story of how he went from being a chubby kid to having a muscular body and later converting his hobby to a long term career.

This week John and I talk about:


  • Optimize your hormones to become the best version of yourself and how to do it
  • Why optimizing your hormones leads to a better and more successful life
  • Why you will have better relationships and earn more money if your testosterone is in order

Speaking of Testosterone…

  • Why is optimal testosterone so important?
  • Lifestyle factors that influence testosterone
  • The signs of low testosterone
  • Why men have lower testosterone levels at a younger and younger age
  • How testosterone affects risk-taking and how risk-taking benefits you
  • How to increase your levels


  • What is Insulin and what can you expect from a low carb diet?
  • Benefits of a high fat diet (bacon!)
  • The drawbacks of eating cereal for breakfast
  • Benefits of saturated fat and cholesterol (Destroying the myth again)
  • Benefits of fasting
  • What is the first step someone should take on the journey to the perfect body?
  • Leptin manipulation and the science behind cheat days


  • How sleep influences your hormones.
  • The best ways to improve sleep quality.
  • Why you may not be getting enough REM sleep, and what to do about it


  • How the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind (Sound familiar anyone?)
  • How your thinking can influence hormones and how to reprogram your thoughts.
  • Cortisol: The importance of reducing stress and the best ways to do it

It is important to know the relation between your psychology and physiology. Your mind and body follow each other and John explains why in this episode, and much more.

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