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Time for Fan Mail Friday, where we’ll be answering your questions and dropping some knowledge and feedback to help you kick the weekend off right.

If you’re new to The Art of Charm Podcast, this isn’t a great place to start. Most of our content is more in-depth and longer format. Listen to recent guests Aaron Walker, Chase HughesTimothy Snyder, and Brian Brushwood for a better idea of our regular programming.

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Let’s cut to it! In this episode:

  • As a “nice guy,” how do you let go of an ex — who attempted suicide when your relationship ended — without feeling heartless?
  • Listener feedback for Nouveau Tech (from FMF 119) about how to respond next time the opportunistic entrepreneur ex makes contact.
  • Listener Sweet Cheeks weighs in on what she does when male coworkers dismiss her statements with infantilizing condescension.
  • Sometimes even gun-toting manly men need real talk from honest friends — boundaries be damned!
  • When you’re fresh out of college, don’t be too quick to dismiss the experience you can get in your ideal field from working at a non-ideal place of employment.
  • Listener Westbound and Down tells us how he used Reddit to ask questions of locals prior to moving to a new town.
  • Is there a kind way to discourage stalker-like attention from a socially awkward person without crushing their ego?
  • Can you help people get through the ordeal of being bullied without disclosing specific details surrounding your own ordeal?
  • How does Jordan’s advice in MM 57 to “treat everyone [we] meet as if [we’re] going to know each other forever” apply if the person we’re meeting happens to be a jerk right off the bat?
  • A documentary recommendation.
  • Quick shoutouts to the anon fan who gave Jordan some Bitcoin, and Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle of Billion Dollar Body!
  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line at [email protected]!
  • Check out Jordan’s (@TheArtofCharmother show: The Forbes List, and Jason’s (@jpdefother show: Grumpy Old Geeks.


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The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast talks to today's top wrestling talent and breaks down everything happening with the state of wrestling every week!
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