Caleb Bacon | Speed Dating (Episode 193)

Caleb Bacon from the Man School podcast is an AoC graduate and one of Jordan’s BFFs (yep, we just said “BFF”).

After going on literally hundreds of speed dates, Jordan and Caleb break down a system and explain:

  • Why speed dating is amazing for us guys (it’s almost unfair).
  • How to make sure you’re getting tons of matches every time.
  • How to get attention from the cutest girls before the event even starts.
  • Pitfalls to avoid and tips to make sure you get extra time with the women you select.
  • …and more, of course.

We also dive into some ridiculous (and funny) speed dating tales for you to laugh at (or with) us.  Enjoy!

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Find Caleb on Twitter: @calebeatsbacon

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