Social Engineering Defense Contractors on LinkedIn and Facebook: Who's Plugged in to Your Employees? (Bonus)

This is a recording of Jordan Harbinger’s 2012 talk at DerbyCon Infosecurity conference, entitled:

Social Engineering Defense Contractors on LinkedIn and Facebook: Who’s Plugged in to Your Employees?


Sure, Top Secret cleared staff and employees have ‘protocol’ and rules to follow regarding internet use and social media -but what if they don’t (or won’t) follow them? What if they’re looking to jump ship and no longer care about policy? I put this question to the test and mined confidential information from dozens of contractors and personnel from law enforcement, the military and high-profile defense contractors by using LinkedIn and other social media, all from home and nearly all of it using only my phone…

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Here’s a video of the talk itself:

Here’s some press coverage of the talk:

The Verge
CSO Online

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