BONUS Episode: Jordan Harbinger on Colin Marshall’s “Notebook on Cities and Culture” (plus an NPR segment on Human Hacking!)

In this Bonus Episode, Jordan Harbinger appears on the very NPR-sounding “Colin Marshall’s Notebook on Cities and Culture,” and gets to discuss a bit of meta-AoC stuff and the life of a dating coach.

In Colin’s Words:

Colin Marshall sits down in Hollywood with lawyer turned social dynamics expert Jordan Harbinger, co-host of the Pickup Podcast and co-founder of confidence education program The Art of Charm.

They discuss how much time he spends explaining that he isn’t Tom Cruise from Magnolia;

-how he conceives of The Art of Charm’s mission to teach confidence, which involves teaching emotional intelligence;

-whether and how our generation of men have come out especially socially inept;

-the still-strong number of pickup artist types wandering around Hollywood, and the equally strong number of low-self-esteem women with whom they match;

-the importance of asking oneself the question “What can I learn from this person?”, an entirely different question from “What can I get from this person?”;

-The Art of Charm’s origin in someone else’s basement, and how that developed into coaching and teaching;

-the skills of networking through his short law career, and how he realized they also applied to, say, meeting women;

-the day he found himself ostensibly studying for a law exam while remotely coaching a man for his imminent move from Africa to Denmark;

-knowing how to use Los Angeles, a land of “towns packed together for tax purposes,” especially its areas of dense “city life” like Hollywood and Koreatown;

-everyone in Los Angeles’ essential nature as a foreigner, and how that opens up the question, “Where are you from?”;

-his dull childhood in Troy, Michigan which led to an adolescence of conning and wiretapping, and then into Germany as an exchange student;

-language and travel as the engines of good social-habit development, and the advantages of becoming foreign and shifting your linguistic context;

-how “networking” became a dirty word; specificity, the enemy of relationships; the importance of people as vectors;

…and the sentiment “it’s all who you know — and thank God for that!”


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