If you could double the quality of your network, meet higher caliber people, develop meaningful relationships faster, have fantastic opportunities laid in your lap every day, and you could do it all in just 30 days… would you do it?

Three Benefits You Will Gain From The Social Capital Masterclass:

  • Connector.

    You’ll become a master networker in-the-making, hearing wisdom from the top 1% of networkers on the planet who share how to form fulfilling relationships that hold incredible value over a lifetime.

  • Connector.

    You’ll learn how to fearlessly and strategically pick the people you want to have in your new network. What good is having a network of people that won’t help you become who you want to be?

  • Connector.

    You’ll find new confidence in your ability to identify the most crucial needs of your network, develop that network, and provide value that suits its needs.

Outfoxing The Fox

Mr. Fox is a hungry entrepreneur with heart and ambition. He’s devoted his life to business, but he’s not making real money. Mr. Fox is in a pickle. He has to accept all the hellacious work that comes his way, even if the client isn’t a good fit for him.

He’s drowning. He has people that count on him, debt, and no money to grow.

Despite his 60-hour work-week and unwavering commitment to developing a thriving network, he still can’t figure out how his newbie friend Jill is getting attention from the people Mr.Fox has been seeking for years. Jill works half as much as Fox, and her business is CRUSHING IT. She’s on EVERYONE’S list of who to call, and her network sends her opportunity after opportunity.

So – what gives networking newbie Jill the ability to outfox Mr. Fox?

Social capital.

Fox does what most people do – everything that feels comfortable, instead of what’s effective. There’s no shame in wanting to feel good. Feeling good does, however, can sometimes keep us from getting more out of life. Here’s why: we are built to have relationships, but if we don’t know how to get them, we won’t keep trying — because it doesn’t feel right. Rejection HURTS.

We give into the temptations of taking the “easy way,” by mindlessly focusing on work or developing useful but less rewarding personal attributes instead of generating a plan to find the people who would proactively connect us to even more friends and opportunities.


The Social Capital Masterclass

The Social Capital Masterclass

Make a lasting, positive impact on the world – all while having a life of your own creation instead of what other people want you to be.

There’s no question that there are areas of your life where you’re sick and tired of getting nowhere.

The Social Capital Masterclass will arm you with the expert networking and communication skills you MUST HAVE to scale success in life and help you create the impact you have wanted to have for years and haven’t yet gotten. The Social Capital Masterclass will share wisdom on how to leverage your time and maximize the return on your efforts. This program will also allow you to restore balance and keep you from compromising your future from not having the right knowledge.

What Masterclass includes and what it does for you:

When you’ve completed the Social Capital Masterclass, you’ll have more confidence to meet new people, nurture the group you have, and develop high-value relationships within your network.

You’re going to grow at what feels like an exponential rate personally and professionally. And all because you’ve invested in your social capital.

Apply Now

No Experience Required.*

* disclaimer

The Social Capital Masterclass is where you should start if you’re new to The Art of Charm. In other words, if your networking is a little rusty, or you feel like you’ve done it all, you’ll leave with new skills that improve your game wherever it is. The methods and strategies taught here will increase your value in your network and, in turn, the value given back to you by your network.

Meet the Experts

John Corcoran

MC#1 – John Corcoran

In John’s program you’ll cover:

  • How you can build networking experience and finally start enjoying talking to strangers.
  • How positioning yourself to receive the right opportunities that will ultimately contribute to your primary aim in life.
  • The importance of never underestimating the value of learning. See how the most lucrative career-building material is humility in your interactions.

How I learned how to supercharge my networking with John Corcoran’s simple and effective systems. (John built a rolodex with simple systems to help him stay on top of his network and really focus on giving first. A principle I espouse today…)

John is the one who really taught me to value the art of networking, and we’ll discuss how my network grew the podcast into this wildly successful platform that has skyrocketed our business, and how I created a platform that elevated our company’s message and brings excited potential customers right to us.

Mark Manson

MC#2 – Mark Manson

In Mark’s program you’ll cover:

  • The profound value of building a rewarding career around your interests.
  • How to construct and sustain an impressively huge platform.
  • How to identify and deliver the message that your network needs to hear when they need to hear it, and provide a solution to their problems.
  • The importance of quality over quantity – bigger isn’t always better.

Mark’s really showed us the power of creating incredible and shareable content.

Seeing his blog posts frequently appear in my newsfeed and many even go viral, I knew he had to meet him, so I used many of the skills you’ll learn in this course to create that relationship with him and we’ve been friends ever since.

Michael Port

MC#3 – Michael Port

In Michael’s program you’ll cover:

  • The importance of upholding personal and professional values that will allow you to exceed your expectations for yourself.
  • The value of staying connected with the day-to-day processes of your business operations.
  • The importance of prioritizing being booked solid.
  • The necessity of holding yourself to a higher standard.

I met Michael Port via another Social Capital Master you’ll meet in this course.  When he spoke on stage at an event soon after, he left an indelible impression on me from the stage. After going to many events over the years, usually bored to tears, I was instantly intrigued. I had to pick his brain so I took his most intensive course and he has since become one of my most influential mentors and closest friends.

Ryan Holiday

MC#4 – Ryan Holiday

In Ryan’s program you’ll cover:

  • Why the worth of a smaller, more powerful networks far exceeds the value of a network comprised solely of subscribers to your email list.
  • The capabilities of an affluent network to expand your reach like wildfire.
  • The value of rebranding to filter your network.
  • How to approach acquiring a mentor.

Ryan also ingrained in me the power of smaller networks.  Bigger isn’t always better, and Ryan has made sure to bring that across though his own results in ways that are undeniable.

After reading his books and having a captivating conversation with him very early on in podcast #191 (!), I even had him back 2 more times on the show,  I could not believe his ability to rapidly build a powerful platform and influence people in many industries.

Jayson Gaignard

MC#5 – Jayson Gaignard

In Jayson’s program you’ll cover:

  • The importance of pacing your efforts to scale your professional life.
  • How you can avoid the personal struggle of working in an industry you hate.
  • How identifying the needs of your network can lead you towards a creative process that will generate innovative services and products.

I first met Jayson at an event and was amazed by just how vast his network was. It seemed like anytime I had a request for an introduction or show guest, Jayson always had the ability to connect me with them instantly and did so immediately.

Jayson hosts absolutely legendary events where people save up all year and fly from wherever they are in the world to attend.  These events with innovative people are some of the best events I’ve ever attended, and every year I can’t wait to give him my money in expectation of the next.

In fact, I even sat next to Tony Hawk at one of Jayson’s events and convinced him to come on the show for one of my favorite interviews ever. (Thanks again Jayson, if you’re reading this.)

What did all of these incredible guests, mentors, and close friends have in common?

A remarkable skill for networking that blew me away – period. I know how significantly each of these conversations impacted me and I cannot wait to share them, and their insights, with you.

What You’ll Get

  • Connector.

    Never miss an idea, tactic, and strategy with an outrageous number of materials.

  • Connector.

    Checklists to Keep You on Track and stay Organized.

  • Connector.

    5 Books: Read and revisit the lessons as often as you need – keep your mind sharp with over 500 pages of content!

  • Connector.

    5 Workbooks: Stay fully engaged. Each Masterclass has an accompanying book to help you actively assess your current business practices and networking approaches to help reveal strategies that will lead you to breakthrough successes.

  • Connector.

    5 Audios: Conveniently attend a Masterclass during your morning commute or while you’re killing it at the gym!

  • Connector.

    5 Videos: Join us for a compelling visual presentation of the Masterclass, and we’ll perfect our networking skills together.

  • Connector.

    5 Exams to retain the valuable information: To gain the most value out of each Masterclass, you’ll analyze and assess your retention of the material with a test upon completion.

What You’ll Get

Never miss an idea, tactic, and strategy with an outrageous number of materials.

Checklists to Keep You on Track and stay Organized

5 Books: Read and revisit the lessons as often as you need – keep your mind sharp with over 500 pages of content!

5 Workbooks: Stay fully engaged. Each Masterclass has an accompanying book to help you actively assess your current business practices and networking approaches to help reveal strategies that will lead you to breakthrough successes.

5 Audios: Conveniently attend a Masterclass during your morning commute or while you’re killing it at the gym!

5 Videos: Join us for a compelling visual presentation of the Masterclass, and we’ll perfect our networking skills together.

5 Exams to retain the valuable information: To gain the most value out of each Masterclass, you’ll analyze and assess your retention of the material with a test upon completion.

About Jordan

Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger is an entrepreneur, talk show host, and world-renowned social dynamics expert.

As co-founder of The Art of Charm, Jordan has helped to develop one of the leading self-development programs in the world, with a particular expertise in social capital, relationship-building, and authentic rapport. He is also the host of The Art of Charm Podcast, where he interviews leading entrepreneurs, celebrities, writers, and experts in the fields of psychology, human behavior, performance, and success. For all his work in the field, Forbes named Jordan one of the 50 best relationship-builders in the world, and Inc. Magazine recently called him “the Charlie Rose of Podcasting.”

Jordan has shared his ideas around the world as a speaker and consultant. His work has been presented in Silicon Valley (at companies such as Google, Apple, Twitter, and Square) and to various government branches and agencies (including all branches of the U.S. Military, the Department of State, and Department of Defense). He has also given talks on security, social-engineering and psychology to BlackHat, DEFCON and Harvard Business School, and has advised private companies and law-enforcement agencies on their security and communications.

Who is this program for?

This program is intended for high-performers and people with ambition to grow.

What is the program not for?

This program is not designed to help you start a business from scratch. This program will not do the work for you. That part is up to you. You’ll have to pour your effort into implementing what you learn to reach your highest potential and actually reap the benefits. If you’re not willing to commit a few hours a week for the next four weeks, this is not the program for you.

Once you’ve completed the Social Capital Masterclass, you’ll have joined tens of thousands of professionals who have gone through our programs and become networking pros.  You’ll have confidence, knowing you’re getting strategies that most people will never find or understand how to implement. This program gives you an opportunity to become genuinely great at meeting people and developing strong bonds.

Here’s our 90-day Guarantee:

If you don’t see a dramatic improvement in your ability to network and build high-value relationships that last, the Masterclass is on us! You can keep the entire program and get an instant refund. Just let us know in our 24/7 live chat or by clicking on “support” at the top of every page on our website.

You have nothing to lose… Heck, just buy the thing, go through it, and return it if that’s your style. We don’t have any limits on this product. You NEED to learn this stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn by enrolling in The Social Capital Masterclass?

You’ll learn the “how” from the masters with experience, who network professionally every day and who have accomplished what you’d probably agree most people will never achieve.

Their wisdom is what I consider priceless and I believe will dramatically improve how much money you make, how many relationships you enjoy, and the size of impact you’ll have on society, beyond networking.

Do I need to supplement the teachings of this Masterclass with anything else?

Everything that you could ever need to use networking as a tool to transition your business from ordinary to extraordinary is laid out for you in an easy-to-follow series of video/audio downloads, a book from each masterclass, workbooks, and quizzes. You don’t need to buy anything else to complete this training.

What does this Masterclass look like on a week-by-week basis?

Each week, you’ll be given a series of materials ranging from video and audio downloads to PDFs. Every Monday, you’ll begin a new session. There will be plenty of opportunities to work on fine-tuning your networking skills.

What if I’m not tech savvy? Can I still benefit from the Masterclass?

This masterclass is 100% online; however, it’s been customized to fit any level of tech-savviness. From tech novice to super-sophisticated digital native, there’s a place for you in The Social Capital Masterclass.

What if I don’t like The Social Capital Masterclass?

Not an issue! You’ll have 90 days to request a refund, as long as you’ve completed all of the assignments that have been released. If the content isn’t up to your standards or the coaching you’ve attended hasn’t helped you to accomplish your goals, we will give you a refund.

What is the class pace and availability? When does it begin?

You’ll receive a new module on Monday each week, for four weeks. The course starts the day you sign up.

The modules build upon one another, so it’s important to do them in order. However, just because we release them weekly doesn’t mean it’s a necessity to keep pace with us.

You’re busy and may not have a ton of free time to work on this every week. Do your best to log in once a week, and you’ll do great.

How long is each module? Is there a time limitation?

Each module should take 1-2 hours to absorb the content, and you can take as long as you need to work on the assignments. The more time you spend thinking about the questions, the more you’ll get out of the process.

Will the material be available to me at the end of the 30-day course?

Yes! You get lifetime access to this program, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete everything.

Will The Social Capital Masterclass benefit the dating portion of my life?

Having an abundant social circle is one of the most important things when it comes to dating. Getting the core fundamentals down is of course very important, but we find that our most successful clients build flourishing social circles that are continuously feeding them new dating candidates, business/work opportunities, and a plethora of fun social gatherings to attend. They go hand-in-hand!


  • Connector.

    The folks at AoC have done it again. Their new Social Capital Masterclass is a seriously kick-ass program, featuring in-depth interviews with five true “master” mentors in the fields of branding, coaching and networking.

    As a writer looking to expand my business across a variety of platforms, I found the guidance and suggestions from been-there-done-that guys like Mark Manson and Michael Port invaluable.

    The program is also well-designed to provide maximum absorption and impact. The title cards laid in during the videos really help track the material as it’s being presented; the quizzes at the end of each section make sure the material sticks!

    Whether you’re looking to start or develop a business, expand a network, or need encouragement and inspiration to take the next step in your professional journey, look no further. I can’t recommend AoC’s Social Capital Masterclass strongly enough.

    -Tim D.
  • Connector.

    Taking a deep dive into the social capital masters featured in Art Of Charm's Social Capital Masterclass feels like having a front row seat as each one shares some of the gems he's collected along his path.

    But what makes it even more powerful than just reading one of these guys' books is the intimate interview format. In here, Jordan's gift for extracting the best stuff and shining a light on it makes this course more than just enlightening and inspiring.

    It's actually actionable - reinforcing bits of wisdom I've gathered (and forgotten, in many cases) and clarifying exactly how to make it work in the real world. With these five guys whispering in my ear as I go forward, I'm looking forward to expanding my network in ways that create a meaningful impact in the world.

    -Sue A.

About The Art of Charm

Art of Charm is a group of three social dynamics experts -Jordan, AJ, and Johnny – who are committed to providing you with the highest quality, top-shelf social skills, networking techniques and advice that you can find anywhere. Guaranteed.