How to Stop Worrying and Assume a Positive Outcome Instead

What if you were able to stop worrying and replace that thought process with something else? In this week’s video, Jordan explores this idea and gives you suggestions for how to stop worrying — and what to do instead!

I saw the movie Bridge of Spies a few days ago (great movie by the way, if you haven’t seen it yet).

I won’t spoil the plot too much, but one scene really struck a chord with me. One of the characters in the movie, Able, is on death row, yet is stoically calm throughout all of the trials and tribulations of his predicament. Tom Hanks’ character is surprised by this and asks him, “Aren’t you worried?” Able calmly replies, “Would it help?”

The thing is, worrying is counterproductive. We all know this and yet we often act in the opposite. Worry is what we do when we can’t really do anything to effectively improve a situation. It causes stress and interferes with our energy and focus, among other drawbacks.

What if you were able to stop worrying and replace that thought process with something else?

In my video this week, I explore this idea and give you a suggestion for how to stop worrying for good (and what to do instead). It may just change your life! 😉

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