How to Turn a Woman on Before You’re in Bed Together

When you have a woman over your place or even when you’re out at the bar, you need to realize that turning her on starts before you two are even in bed together. You want to start getting her turned on from the very first opportunity that you have. That’s going to make her want you even more and have her even more primed and ready before the two of you hop into bed. But how to turn a woman on before you’re in bed together? Read on to find out. It’s a lot easier than you might think.

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Using Words

Words can totally turn a woman on. In fact, women are more turned on by what they hear than what they see. This is one of the main differences between how to turn a woman on and how to turn a man on. You don’t need to be sleazy to turn her on with your words. In fact, she might be more turned on by how she’s turning you on than anything. Whispering closely to her, getting right next to her and talking breathily into her ear is a great way to start turning her on. You can say things like “I really can’t wait to get you alone” or something like that.

However, what really matters is how you touch her. That’s what’s really going to start getting her turned on before the two of you get into bed together. Read on to learn how to do it.

Using Touch

This is where you’re really going to start making a big difference. Touch is a powerful way to really getting her to want you before anyone’s clothes are off, before the two of you are kissing or anything. Some examples of how you can use touch to your advantage and start turning a woman on before the two of you are even in bed together include:

  • Light Hair Pulling: Don’t yank her hair out of her head. But don’t be afraid to grab a little bit of her hair and give it a tug playfully.

  • Lingering Touch: When you’re touching her just normally — for example, with your hand on her shoulders, upper back or hands — don’t be afraid to let your hands just linger there for a minute.

  • Almost Kissing: This is a huge secret weapon that’s going to seriously level up your game. Don’t go in for a kiss. Position yourself in such a way that the two of you “almost” kiss. This is going to drive her crazy and have her kissing your lips off faster than you can possibly imagine.

  • Eye Contact: The simple act of maintaining eye contact can start turning her on. Hold her gaze, hold it longer than she holds yours. It displays confidence. While not technically a form of touch, it can help you in much the same way that touch does to turn a woman on long before the two of you are in bed together.

  • Light Scratching: When you touch her, don’t be afraid to run your nails down her back, the back of her neck and places like that. This is after you two have established more of a connection and things are heating up. This is a tip for how to turn a woman on before the two of you are even in bed together that’s worth its weight in gold. Trust us when we say that she’s going to love it and remember you as a guy who knows how to get her motor running.

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