Mutual Attraction Signs: Stop Wondering If She Likes You

mutual attractionWondering whether or not a woman is into you is stressful. Not only that, it can throw you off your game, undermining your confidence. However, like most things, there’s a science to mutual attraction signs. Know what you’re looking for and never wonder if she likes you again.

How Women Communicate Interest

Women are generally subtler about communicating interest than men. Whereas a man will just come right out and say “I really dig you” or “I had a great time last night,” a woman will want you to read between the lines. Don’t worry if she doesn’t come right out and tell you how much she likes you or how great of a time she has on your dates. It’s all just a part of how women communicate. Rather than relying on explicit signs of attraction you need to start looking for the subtler signs of interest.

AAA: Always Assume Attraction

One thing that we teach at The Art of Charm is to always assume attraction until proven otherwise. Why do we do this? Some mutual attraction signs can be ambiguous. For example, laughing at things you say might mean that she thinks they’re funny or ridiculous. It’s far better for you to assume the former. It helps you to maintain your confidence. Further, it’s much better for your game to assume interest where there isn’t any than it is for you to assume a lack of interest where there is interest.

Assuming the best about any situation is a great habit to get into. It’s a little sleight of mind that can really change your world and your effectiveness at talking to women.

Touch Doesn’t Lie

Touch is one of the biggest mutual attraction signs going. If you touch her, you’re showing interest. If she likes being touched by you, she’s attracted to you. Note that this applies to even “accidental” touch. If you’re walking next to her and you bump into her a little bit and she starts walking closer to you, that’s a sign of attraction. If you touch her on the hands, the arms or her upper back and she seems to like it, that’s a clear sign of attraction. Try touching her in these “safe” places and see how she responds.

Neither Does Eye Contact

If you’re talking to a woman and she holds you’re gaze that’s great. If she looks at you when you’re not looking at her or even “stares” at you a bit, that’s even better. Eye contact is a subtle, but unmistakable sign that she’s into you.

On the other hand, if she’s looking around the room, staring at her drink and not meeting your gaze that could be a sign that she’s not interested.

Responsive Interactions

When looking for mutual attraction signs, you don’t need to look much further than how she interacts with you. If she’s responsive during your dates and during a conversation, she’s into you. If she’s listless, bored and checking her phone, she’s not that into you — move on. Remember, you want to cultivate an abundance mentality. If she’s not being responsive and showing interest, it’s time to move on to someone who is interested.

Always ask yourself if you’re getting what you’re giving in any interaction. If you’re not, move on. You can do better. Don’t sell yourself short.

AJ Harbinger - author of 369 posts on The Art of Charm

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