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Brutal Truths Part 1 (Episode 701)

Welcome to the AoC Podcast!

We all want attention, approval, and acceptance.

But we can’t expect others to give us that if we don’t approve of ourselves. Most often, the reason we struggle with self-acceptance is because we are running away from the brutal truths of life.

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AJ Interviews Johnny (Episode 698)

Welcome to the AoC Podcast!

Who is Johnny Dzubak? What’s his origin story? In this episode, AJ puts Johnny on the stand to dig into his history; next week, the tables will be turned while Johnny grills AJ. What we’ll discover is that in spite of the differing paths that windingly brought them to the same destination, the similarities in their shared Rust Belt beginnings laid the groundwork for what looks — from an outsider’s perspective — to be an unlikely friendship.

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