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Co-Founder AJ Harbinger

If you’re ready to ...

  • Stop letting life happen to you and take back control
  • Finally learn what it’s like to be on the inside
  • Build real, lasting relationships with people who truly care about you
  • Become the most effective, highest-achieving version of yourself

… apply to The Art of Charm Bootcamp’s next session.

You’ve spent enough time feeling like you’re on the outside, like you can’t connect with others well, like everyone else is in on something you’re not. How much has it cost you to stumble your way through interacting with others? 

Where would you be right now if you’d already mastered these skills?

You could have a better, more fulfilling job making more money and having a greater impact. Perhaps you’d be in a committed relationship with the woman of your dreams, or have taken your current relationship to new heights. Maybe you’d be going out regularly with the kinds of people you’ve longed to connect with, enjoying real bonds you never thought possible.

The Art of Charm Bootcamp is your ticket to that reality.

We created the Art of Charm Bootcamp to take driven, hard-working men who are missing this piece in their lives and give them the tools to take control back of their lives. We do this by hand-selecting a group of applicants and building a strong foundation of confidence and social knowledge, making changes that will last a lifetime.

Who Attends the Art of Charm Bootcamp?

Listen to a Breakdown of our signature Bootcamp

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who typically joins The Art of Charm bootcamp?

All types of men come to The Art of Charm Bootcamp. We’ve coached engineers, doctors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, IT professionals, military Special Forces personnel, and more.

One thing each man has in common is the willingness and desire to become extraordinary.

That’s because the Art of Charm focuses on ALL aspects of a guy’s life. This is not a quick fix to pick up women or make friends; The Art of Charm is a complete life overhaul starting with the basics, your confidence, and working up to fine-tune every last detail.

Can’t I learn all of this by listening to your podcasts?

Sure, our podcasts go deeper into these topics than most and are a great resource to learn from. Here’s the thing, though: most people we work with don’t have a knowledge problem. They have an execution problem, and you’re probably no different.

There’s a huge difference between knowing logically what to do in a situation and being able to do it. There’s a reason you look back on situations and kick yourself for not handling them a certain way. On a practical level, you know what you need to do. You just don’t have the necessary foundation to practically apply what you already know.

Not only that, you’re a unique individual with unique habits and unique needs, and you can’t truly see yourself objectively. At the Bootcamp you get 1-on-1 attention from our coaches who assess you and give custom feedback on exactly what and where you need to improve. They’ll help you rewire your individual mindset to give you the sky-high confidence you need as a foundation to handle any social situation.

By the end of the first day, you’ll already know what you do wrong in social situations and how to fix your blind spots. Plus, you will have practiced these new skills out in the wild!

You can get all the knowledge in
the world from podcasts, books, and Youtube videos, but the information itself is just a tool. You need individualized training to give you a strong foundation, and that’s not something you can find in any podcast.

I’m already in a relationship. Is this bootcamp right for me?

The Art of Charm Bootcamp is NOT “pick-up artistry.” These sleazy “attraction programs” turn you into a fake version of what they think women want and hope these superficial changes improve the rest of your life … which they don’t.

At The Art of Charm Bootcamp, we don’t teach you quick tips to make fake connections that don’t last or do anything long-term for you. What you really learn is the philosophy of attraction based on true authenticity, trust, and respect as well as how to actually use your new knowledge in a practical way.

This is why plenty of men who join Bootcamp are already married or in a serious relationship. They come to us to learn how to become more social, interesting, or more attractive not only to those around them, but to their significant other as well.

How much does the bootcamp cost?

The cost to attend the Bootcamp depends on the date you attend, if you’re a veteran, and payment plan.

Because every student is different, it’s best we talk about pricing on the phone.

Prices do tend to go up based on demand. Schedule your call now to lock in the best value pricing.



“AoC teachings are doing wonders for my social and dating life these days. After about 3 months of going to dance classes and jiu jitsu I feel like one of the most social people at these places, I know lots of names and people are always happy to see me. It’s become pretty effortless and automatic to meet new people and hit it off with them immediately. ”

– Pooria R.

Moise A


“Since taking Bootcamp, my social life has been the busiest and happiest it’s ever been…new friends and dates every week, getting invites to parties, trips, or social outings. Thanks to what I’ve learned, I’ve had awesome people approach me at all kinds of venues.”

– Moise A.

Steve W


“I am so much more confident in my ability to attract and connect with women. My favorite part of the program was the tailored feedback; I grew by leaps and bounds each day because of the coach and peer feedback. I am not scared about going out anymore or even worried about messing up.”

– Steve W.

Kelvin S.


“Before going through AoC, I was on the way to leave for the Navy. I was mentally running away from the life because after finishing college I couldn’t get the level of work I hoped for. Now, six months after Bootcamp I have a new job and have grown my annual income by over 60%. This one aspect alone made Bootcamp worth it for me.”

– Kelvin S.