Oxytocin Love Hormone
Susan Kuchinskas, "The Chemistry of Connection" (Episode #137)

Jordan sits down with Susan Kuchinskas, author of “The Chemistry of Connection” and blogger at http://www.hugthemonkey.com/ This one’s all about Oxytocin, aka the ‘cuddle hormone’. In this episode, we break down: -Why we have to learn to love -The power of the “cuddle hormone” in relationships -How sex & love are deeply entwined for both […]

Bayer AMP Connection
Episode #135: Bryan Bayer (AMP) Part 1

Jordan Harbinger kicks it with long-time friend of the show, Bryan Bayer from AMP (Authentic Man Program) to discuss deep connection. In this ‘backwards interview’, you’ll learn: -How to create deep connection with beautiful women you’ve just met. -What is deep connection and why is it important? -Why it’s even easier to connect deeply with beautiful women […]

Coleman Dating Doctor
David Coleman, The Dating Doctor (Episode #133)

David Coleman is known nationwide as The Dating Doctor.  He has been honored thirteen times as The National Speaker of the Year– 10 times by Campus Activities Magazine and 3 times by The National Association for Campus Activities. He recently won Speaker Of The Year again for 2010! He is a highly sought after speaker, author, entertainer, radio and television personality. […]

Daymon John Shark Money
Daymond John of ABC's Shark Tank, CEO of FUBU (Episode #129)

Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’, where he strikes deals with would-be entrepreneurs and business moguls. One thing we really liked about Daymond was his no-nonsense attitide on the show, shared by most of the sharks, but always delivered with a smooth and even mild-mannered demeanor. Further, he’s built his own businesses […]

Sivers Learning Best
Derek Sivers, the Serial Entrepreneur (Episode #128)

Lessons from a serial entrepreneur and founder of CDbaby Derek Sivers: Why being a good follower might be more important than being a good leader, learning from the best, and the value of experiential learning versus theory. Get more unconventional wisdom from Derek at: http://sivers.org/   Download audio file You might (you WILL) also like […]

Devon Flow Women Skills
Episode #122: Social Fluency Part 2

Jordan Harbinger met Devon & Zach from Social Fluency during a vacation to Canada and knew immediately they had to come on the show. In this episode, Jordan and Devon talk about ‘flow-state’, the “3 Statuspheres” and the “7-Skills” which help guys relate to women effortlessly. Get your free gift here : http://socialfluency.com/pickuppodcast Download audio […]