Learn 4 Powerful Conversations That Connect Us All | Chuck Wisner

Learn 4 Powerful Conversations That Connect Us All | Chuck Wisner

In today’s episode, we cover conscious conversations with Chuck Wisner. Chuck is a business and personal consultant and an advisor to leaders in high-profile companies in several industries such as Google, Rivian, Apple, and Tesla, and is the author of The Art of Conscious Conversations: Transforming How We Talk, Listen, and Interact

Conversations are an important aspect of running a business with employees, so what conversations should you be having with your employees and what types of questions should you ask?

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • How many different kinds of conversations are there and why do you need to know them all?
  • Advocacy vs Inquiry – 22:55
  • Why is it important to balance advocacy for yourself and inquiring about others?
  • The 4 Questions to Ask in Conversations – 34:16 
  • What kinds of questions should you ask yourself when you’re talking to someone if you want to spark more engaging conversations?
  • Conversational Bypass – 48:30
  • Why is it important to touch on all four types of conversations in business and planning meetings in order to get the most out of your team? 

The next time you’re in a meeting, think about how you can use all four conversation types to get your point across. When you advocate for yourself and inquire about others, it will create a more balanced and engaging discussion. Asking the right questions of yourself before talking to someone can help set the tone for a more productive exchange. Touching on all four conversation types is important in business because it allows for different perspectives to be explored and helps everyone feel heard. 

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