Using Location to Your Advantage

The wise man uses every advantage he can get his hands on. Case in point: using your location when you’re out at a bar or club to meet women. In fact, you can take a lot of the hard part out of the equation by selecting for locations that are going to bring women to you, as opposed to making you go to them (keep this in mind when scoping out the best place to meet girls). There are other benefits as well, which we will get into in short order, but the main point is using location when out at a bar or club can be a game changer when it comes to your game.

The Advantages of the Right Location

When it comes to location at the bar, we’ve already said that you can have women coming up to you rather than having to go to them. As if this weren’t already awesome enough, there’s also a side benefit where you look like you’re the most popular guy out at the club because you’re constantly interacting with all kinds of women and men as the night goes on. This makes you more attractive even to women standing on the other side of the bar or club — you look like people who know people and fewer things are going to attract others over you to faster than that.

So Where Is the Best Place to Meet Girls?

The right location is basically anywhere that’s heavily trafficked. This varies from one bar to another, but some of the main places you want to look are:

  • By The Bar: Of course. A lot of people are going to be going to the bar to get drinks. While they’re there, they’re going to be chatting and talking to others. This gives you the opportunity to chime in, make introductions, get a high five or clink glasses — all moves that are going to make you appear as if you’re socializing with everyone to the rest of the room.
  • Near the Corners: Note we didn’t say “in the corners.” Standing there can make you look like you’re hiding from the party and there’s nothing attractive about that. Standing near the corners, however, puts you in some of the most highly trafficked areas of a bar or club.
  • Near Walkways: You don’t want to be obstructing traffic, but you can stand near a walkway and get many of the same benefits as being near a corner. Get a high five from everyone that walks by as your “toll” for passing through.
  • Bathrooms: This is actually not bad, but you need to exercise some caution and leave a buffer. After all, you don’t want to be the guy hanging out near the women’s bathroom. Instead, look for a path that people are taking from the bathroom back to the rest of the club and consider setting up shop there.
  • Pinball Machines and Jukeboxes: If you’re at a bar that has any kind of entertainment like a pinball machine or a jukebox, use that to your advantage as well. Hang out nearby, see what’s going on and approach!

The Best Place to Meet Girls Can be the Worst Place if You Have Poor Game

The main thing is never to seem like you’re “lurking.” You need to have a confident posture, a smile and be actively seeking interactions, especially at first. After a while, however, you’ll find that more people will start coming up to you. It takes a bit of work to set up, but using location to your advantage can be a massive boon to your next night out at the bar or club. If you’re looking for more info on the best place to meet girls or how to up your game, be sure to explore the rest of our site.

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