How to Succeed With Women

The ultimate question of dating is how to succeed with women. You want them to like you. You want them to chase after you. You want to have your pick of the best. The Art of Charm can help. What if we told you that you could increase your chances of succeeding with women after reading just a single article? Sit down, read on and learn the simple ways that you can start having a better game with the ladies starting tonight.

How to Succeed with Women by Cultivating Confidence

Confidence is the most powerful weapon that you can have in your tool kit. But how to cultivate confidence? Long-term ways to cultivate confidence include hitting the gym, acquiring new skills or getting a promotion at work. Short-term ways include smiling, walking tall and high-fiving people around you when you hit the town. The cool thing about confidence with women is that you can start building it almost immediately and once you get the motor going, it tends to become a self-reinforcing, self-perpetuating sort of thing.

How to Boldly Approach Women

You know how most guys approach: Women catch your eye, you look at them for a bit while you drink your drink and work up the courage to go over and talk to her. Throw that out the window. You need to start approaching immediately women immediately after you notice them. Believe me, women notice when you notice them. The longer you wait, the less confident you look. Are you going to strike out from time to time? Sure you are. But the longer you wait, the greater the chances of that happening. So get in there and knock it out of the park.

How to Bring the Party to Women

When you go over to a woman, it’s best to start by joking around with her, getting her to laugh and ultimately making her smile. This is because socializing is an inherently stressful situation. The more you can deflate the stress, the better women are going to feel to have you nearby. Walk up to her, get her laughing and she’s going to remember you as the guy who brought the party to her, making her night go a hell of a lot better.

How to Be the Man Who “Gets” Women

Emotional connections with women are worth their weight in gold. You don’t need to be the best looking, smartest or richest guy at the bar. You just need to be the guy that she remembers as “getting” her. How to achieve this? You do this by actively listening to what she has to say, nodding your head and saying “mmhm” and “uh huh.” When she’s done talking, repeat back the core of what she’s just said to you — the main point in your own words. “It sounds like you’re saying…” Then give your take on it. This creates emotional connections that can be very powerful.

How to Get a Woman’s Number

If you really want things to grow you need to know how to get her number. This is so that you can see her again. Here’s a quick run through on how to make it happen.

  1. Wait for a high point. Don’t let things peter out. Strike while the iron is hot.

  2. Have your phone ready. Get your phone on the page where you enter a new contact. Make it so that she only has to enter her phone number.

  3. Hand her your phone. Break her personal space bubble with your phone.

  4. Tell her you need her number. Don’t ask for it. Just tell her that you need it so that the two of you can get together again.

  5. Rattle off some killer date ideas. Based on what the two of you have already discussed, give her some ideas about things that you might do the next time you get together.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll know exactly how to succeed with women.

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