“She Does Like Me!”: How You Can Know For Sure

she does like me After you go home from a date, you probably spend a lot of time wondering if she liked you. This is a common tale for single men. Because people can sometimes send mixed signals, it can difficult to suss out whether or not she’s into you. None of these are foolproof on their own, but when you see them together, they form a pattern of interest that will let you know she likes you.


Who is initiating most of your contact? Is it you, her or a mixture of both? People rarely go out of their way to have contact with people that they’re not that into. If you’re getting texts, phone calls, emails or Facebook messages from her that aren’t responses, but are initiating new conversations, congratulations! You can pump your fist a couple of times and yell “She does like me!”


Just because she’s not initiating doesn’t mean that she’s not interested, however. Some people are naturally shy. Further, traditional gender roles dictate that you, the man, be the one who initiates most of the contact. How do you tell if she digs you if she’s not initiating contact? She responds to you in a timely manner. If you’re waiting days for her to get back to you, particularly through “instant” communication technologies like texting and email, that might mean she’s not that interested. It might also just mean that she’s busy. If, on the other hand, she’s responding to you in a timely fashion, that’s great. It’s a pretty clear sign that she’s into you.


Every guy has had the woman who responds to his texts with one or two words. Even if you’re getting fast responses, not being fully engaged in a conversation is a sign that she might not be that interested. She might also not be that into phone calls, texts, instant messages or whatever. On the other hand, if she’s engaging you in conversation, being proactive about keeping it going and asking questions, she’s probably interested. There are few clearer signs of interest than engaging you in conversation.

Moving Forward

If engaging is a clear sign that she’s interested, moving things forward is a blinking neon one. Again, remember that gender roles generally have the man moving things forward. If a woman breaks social convention by doing so, it’s a pretty clear bet that she has a real interest in you. Is she trying to make dates with you? Taking flirtatious conversations and heating them up? Going out of her way to make plans with you? Congratulations, she likes you. The other signs taken in isolation might not mean much. This one, even as a standalone, is pretty hard to miss.

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