Prince Charming or Court Jester?

Do you know how to attract females? We see a lot of different approaches here at The Art of Charm — most of them more than a little off-base. But that’s not that big of a deal. After all, very few people have been taught how to attract women, so why would you expect them to be able to do it perfectly? Two common approaches we see are Prince Charming and the Court Jester. While they each contain a kernel of utility, they’re both fundamentally flawed.

What’s Wrong With Being Prince Charming?

Prince Charming is basically one way of referring to the “nice guy” method of trying to attract women. There are a few problems with it.

First, it’s inherently supplicative. You’re looking to attract women by doing things for them and seeking their approval. This is toxic when it comes to creating attraction. You want to be self-satisfied and filled with all the approval that you need. What’s more, Prince Charming types are often less than straightforward about their attentions, posing as “nice guys” who “just want to be friends” when in fact they want more than that.

What Works About Prince Charming?

Of course, it’s not all bad when you’re being Prince Charming. Being helpful can be a great way to attract women. For example, if you jumpstart a woman’s car, don’t be afraid to flirt with her a little and grab her number while you’re doing it. You’re not going to look around for women to do good deeds for, but you certainly shouldn’t be afraid to leverage doing manly deeds for attraction where the opportunity presents itself.

What’s Wrong With Court Jester?

Women love funny guys. So what could possibly go wrong with being the funny guy who entertains her?

It can easily land you in the friend zone, that’s what’s wrong with it. She might think you’re funny and amusing, but that alone isn’t going to create any attraction or, more importantly, sexual tension. What’s more, the “dancing monkey” routine that’s constantly looking to impress her by entertaining her is just another form of approval-seeking — and you don’t want to do that. When trying to learn how to attract females, you need to figure out what kind of attraction you are seeking — friendship or something more serious?

What Works With the Court Jester?

It’s not always about being funny. It’s also about being exciting. People always think of the Court Jester as being the funny guy. They never think of him as the guy who can get away with saying things no one else can because he’s “joking around.” Indeed, in the Middle Ages, the Court Jester was just about the only man who would speak truth to power.

You can use that angle to create sexual tension between you and a woman. You can get away with saying things other guys can’t because you make her laugh when you say them. While you don’t want to feel like you always have to be “entertaining” her, you do want to leverage that to create tension and make her chase after you.

Two different approaches. Each with their own merits and detriments. Try them out tonight with the tips we gave you here and see how to attract females.


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