How to Get a Girl to Notice You

It’s important that dating tips on how to get a girl to notice you cover all the bases. After all, everything from the way you dress, to your body language, to the way you interact with others is going to have a huge impact on getting women to notice you. For insight into how to get a girl to notice you by putting all these factors (and a few more) to your advantage, read on.

Get girls to notice you by dressing well

One of the first things women notice in men is how put-together he looks. A guy who presents himself well and shows he knows how to take care of himself will come across as infinitely more attractive to women than the guy who looks like he just rolled out of bed.

Since you never know when you’re going to meet a girl who sparks your interest, take the time to look good wherever you go. Leave the sweatpants and flip-flops at home and get women to notice you by throwing on a pair of decent shoes and some clean, wrinkle-free clothes that fit well. Stay on top of subtle grooming issues (trim fingernails, get that hair under control, etc.) and use your look to attract women by showing you’re a man who has his life together. (For more on how to attract women through your appearance check out the Art of Charm podcast with Aaron Marino)

Use positive body language to attract women

Women can’t help but pick up on the body language signals men give off. So be sure to present positive, confident body language as often as possible as that will get women to notice you in a positive light.

To show women confident body language, keep a straight back – as if there is a string pulling you up from the base of your spine up through the crown of your head. Keep your shoulders rolled back and relaxed. As you walk, let your arms swing freely by your side. And as always, remember to smile. This positive body language in men will signal confidence to women and is going to get women interested in you right away.

Get a girl to notice you through social proof

A simple way to get women to notice you is to surround yourself with other women (for more on how to get a girl to notice you through social proof check out the Art of Charm Podcast with Adam Lyons).

Having women around helps attract women because it shows that you’re the type of guy women want in their lives. A woman who sees you with other girls is going to wonder what it is that makes those other women want to be around you (not to mention, could make her jealous she’s not one of them). This will get women curious about you, which is a big step in creating attraction with women.

Create a fun atmosphere to attract women

When you go out, don’t focus on ways to meet women or trying to attract women. Instead, the main focus to have when you go out should just be to have a good time. Create your own “party bubble” of fun and positivity. It will get women to notice you and make women want to join in on the fun.

Creating this party bubble that’s attractive to women means that, first and foremost, you need to enjoy yourself. When you go out then, stick to spending time with people you like and going to venues you enjoy. Make your top priority to have fun and simply look to share that fun with others. Becoming the life of the party in this way will get women to notice you for certain.

Use eye contact to attract women

Eye contact with women is a great chance to build interest and attraction with women. If you want to attract women with eye contact, here’s what you do:

Anytime you make eye contact with a woman, maintain your gaze. This shows that you’re interested in her and that you’re confident enough to let her see that interest. To make your eye contact attractive and avoid coming across as creepy to the woman, let your gaze come from a place of appreciation gratitude. See her as the beautiful woman she is – not just a sex object. Having that appreciative mindset when making eye contact with a woman will help you to project a warm, inviting vibe that will get the girl interested in you (and may even get the girl turned-on).

How to approach women using The Bar Walk

Now the best way to get a girl to notice you is to go up and talk to her. But if you have approach anxiety with women and need to warm up a bit first, a great technique to use is the bar walk.

Go around the bar giving cheers and high-fives to different groups of people. If you feel compelled, continue the conversations for a few moments with some playful banter. It will get you warmed up and ready to approach the woman you’re interested in. (Heck, after talking to everyone else it’d be weird if you didn’t approach her).

When you approach the woman, treat her the same as everyone else. Clink glasses or give a high five to her and her group. Banter with the woman and her friends briefly and then walk away (for banter examples click here). She’ll start to wonder who you are, why you seem to know everyone, and why you didn’t stick around and try to get her number (like every other guy). All this shows a friendliness and confidence with women that will get her interested in you and curious to know more about you.

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