How to Hold Great Eye Contact

My friends don’t have it easy. They always serve as unknowing test subjects in my social experiments. I write “unknowing,” but I do feel like they suspect at least something. One clue is that their first question always seems to be: “What book are you currently reading?”. Probably a veiled attempt to foresee the experiment they are about to undergo. … Read More

The Science of Eye Contact Attraction

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Eye contact is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make a person feel recognized, understood and validated. The simple act of holding someone’s gaze — whether it’s a new girl, a prospective employer or an old friend — has the power to ignite or deepen a relationship. That’s why it’s so important, and that’s why it’s one … Read More

Eye Contact Flirting for Shy Guys

Many shy guys have a hard time openly expressing interest and flirting with women.  And that’s exactly why eye contact flirting is such an important flirting technique for shy guys to learn.  It’s subtle, yet gets the point across while simultaneously creating attraction with the woman.  If you’re a shy guy who wants to know how to use eye contact … Read More

Eye Contact and Attraction

When it comes to attraction, eye contact does a lot.  You can use eye contact to show a girl you’re interested, to gauge her interest, and to create or deepen her attraction in you.  This article will cover all of that, and will even touch on the secret that allows you to make perfect eye contact with a woman every … Read More

Reading Her Signs of Interest: Eye Contact

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Whether a girl is holding your gaze or doing a double take, it shows that at that moment she’s actually noticing you. Of everything that was going on in her head and everything else going on around her she was struck by you and you have momentarily shifted her focus. I’m not saying she’ll want to sleep with you right away, but she’s given you the go-ahead to walk up and say hi.

The Easiest Ways to Catch Her Eye

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Do you want to catch her eye? Of course you do. In fact, a good way to start the process of attraction is to get her interested in you before you even notice her. But is this possible? It is. The Art of Charm has been working on tips for attracting women for years to create attraction before you even … Read More

758: Three Top Tips to Dating

In a world of seemingly limitless options, how can you know if a person is THE person for you, what questions can you ask yourself to determine if you’re even ready for a relationship, and how do you stop money from driving you two apart the way it does for countless relationships and marriages?

8 Easy Ways to Have Better Conversations

Does the idea of boring small-talk with Uncle Bob or chatting with an attractive person make you tense? If you’re like many people, conversation anticipation will put a few beads of sweat on your forehead. But here’s the good news: While conversation skills are just that–skills to be practiced–some can be implemented swiftly. As a social skills coach we know … Read More