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Leading Up To Your Program

Below is a game plan of recommended materials for you to review prior to your program. Review as much of this list as possible, however if you do not get to everything on this list do not worry. These materials will help you be better prepared for the program, but are not a necessity to understand what we will be covering. We do however recommend reviewing all of these materials at some point whether before or after your program. All of these materials are available in our online store. Click title for more information.

Reading Material


In these 3 podcasts, we discuss “Value”, the core concept of The Art of Charm curriculum. It is the one concept that will open your eyes and break through the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your goals with the opposite sex. We believe that this is the missing ingredient that will sky rocket your success with women!

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The following podcasts are all from the The Art of Charm Toolbox series. Listen to them, and start practicing the tools that are discussed to have a leg up when you come in for your training!


Honest Interactions

Go out for the next week and engage in a completely honest interaction. Refrain from lying AT ALL. If you catch yourself lying, even the tiniest little harmless lie, call yourself out and tell the person that you were talking to that you were lying. The benefits of having completely honest interactions will prepare you for your journey to train at The Art of Charm.

Mayor Walking

Walk into a bar or other venue and introduce yourself to EVERYONE. Simply say, “Hello, my name is ________ and I just wanted to introduce myself. I’ll see you in a bit.” The fearlessness you’ll gain by practicing this assignment will give you a boost in beginning your training at The Art of Charm at an advanced level.

Eye Color

When you encounter new people, try noticing their eye color when you talk to them. Noticing someone’s eye color takes long enough to make solid eye contact but not long enough to be uncomfortable for the other person. This exercise will help you get in the habit of looking people in the eye for an appropriate amount of time, and works rapidly over a short time.

High-Fives & Handshakes

Try to shake hands or high-five 5 new people each day. This will be a challenge at first, especially if your job or daily routine isn’t very social, but it’ll get you out of your shell quickly. Hint: women are easier to high-five than men.

Sensory Acuity

Record and watch an unscripted talk show on mute. The more close-ups on people’s faces, the better. Larry King is always a good option for this. (Jerry Springer and other highly-edited, scripted shows will not work for this exercise.) With no audio, focus on watching people’s reactions to Larry’s Line of questioning. Things to note will be eye contact with the interviewer (or lack thereof), what they’re doing with their hands, nervous ticks or twitches in their face (note: these are VERY subtle most of the time!) and their sitting posture. With practice, you’ll be able to adeptly read people’s emotions, even without hearing what people are saying. Emotions are always a stronger indicator of someone’s feelings and future behavior than their words.

Banter Cheat Sheet

Download Banter Cheat Sheet

Getting To Your Art of Charm Program

First things first– AoC HQ is currently located at:

7046 Hollywood Blvd. #406

Hollywood, CA 90028

Buzz 046 at the door to get in, and if you have any trouble with the door buzzer, call the office — (917) 720-4104

Please email with your approximate arrival time to info [at] theartofcharm.com so we know when to expect you!

Here’s a google maps link: http://bit.ly/3muRWF. If you are flying into LAX, there are a couple ways to get here. All options will take anywhere from 30-90 minutes, depending on traffic.

  • A cab will cost between $60 and $70. Tell the cab driver to take you to Hollywood and Sycamore, one block east of La Brea.
  • But don’t use a cab! What is this, 2007? Use Lyft or Uber if you have a smartphone.
    Use the following code for $30 in Uber credit: 34wku
    Use the following code for $25 in Lyft credit: JORDAN407
    Download Lyft here: (iPhone / Android), and Uber here: (iPhone / Android)
    When you use the codes above (if you’re a first-time user of the app) this becomes the cheapest option to get to AoC HQ.
  • The SuperShuttle at the airport is $26 each way. You can book online here. Check http://retailmenot.com to see if there are any eligible coupons. It doesn’t hurt to save a few bucks, right?
  • If you take public transportation, the cost will be under $10. At the airport, go to the street toward the shuttles/busses. Find the “Fly Away” bus (leaves every 30 minutes) and head to Union Station. From Union Station, get on the Metro red line to Hollywood/Highland. Turn right when you get off the metro, and walk toward Sycamore.

Packing Checklist

We provide bedding and towels for you. Laundry is also available. Here’s a list of things that past students have found useful, and what is required.


  • Casual Clothing — enough for each day of your program. This includes jeans, sneakers or sandals, and t-shirts.
  • “Going Out” Clothing — We’ll be taking you to a few bars and clubs, so it’s important that we’re all dressed well to avoid trouble at the door. This includes nice (not ripped or torn) jeans or slacks, button-down shirts, a nice jacket or blazer if you like.
  • Seasonal Clothing — Shorts and sandals if it’s warm, jackets and scarves if it’s cold. Visit Weather.com’s Monthly Forecast (here’s the forecast for Los Angeles) if you’re not sure what the weather will be like at your bootcamp.
  • Note-Taking Supplies — a notebook (3-hole punched is best) and pens or pencils are all you will need for this. If you have a journal (as we’ve recommended already!) then you can take notes in that if you want.
  • Money — What you eat is totally up to you. It is OK to get some groceries and store a bit of food at AoC headquarters, or you may choose to eat out. We have a great grocery store across the street. A typical restaurant meal can range from $20-$50, and cheap eats from fast food can be had for $5-$15. Here In LA, drinks cost on average between $5 and $15, so plan accordingly. Remember: Drinking is not required or encouraged and heavy drinking is not tolerated.

These are the only things we REQUIRE that you bring. Here are some recommendations from past students about what they brought:


  • A Digital Camera — you’ll want to capture your experience with us and take some photos with all the new people you’ll be meeting.
  • A Laptop Computer — there is internet access at Art of Charm Headquarters, so bring one if you need to stay connected. You won’t have a lot of free time, but you may want to log in to check your email, etc.
  • Headphones, earplugs, and anything else to help you sleep sound
  • Sunscreen– you will be spending some time outside, where it tends to be sunny. If you burn easily, make sure to have the appropriate SPF! We have a pharmacy across the street if you would like to purchase some here.

You will have access to a gym, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, and a place to hike. If you plan to use these, please pack accordingly.