AoC Toolbox | Screening and Qualifying (Episode 420)
AoC Toolbox | Screening and Qualifying (Episode 420)

For better or worse, we mirror the company that we keep. Here’s how we maximize its quality for the best reflection. “I’m selective with second chances, but I’m always willing to give a first chance.” -AJ Harbinger The Cheat Sheet: Are you due for a friend audit? How do you tell the difference between “high […]

Kevin Kermes | Bridge the Direct Experience Gap (Episode 418)
Kevin Kermes | Bridge the Direct Experience Gap (Episode 418)

It’s never too late to shed a lousy job description. Learn to bridge the direct experience gap and stop enduring work you hate. “It’s painful to learn new stuff, [but] I learned how to surf and snowboard at 40!” -Kevin Kermes The Cheat Sheet: Why it’s critical to translate your skills (and the #1 way […]

Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to Be Rich joins us today. He shares his advice on how to engage in powerful networking on episode 399 of The Art of Charm.
Ramit Sethi | Cold Truths About Networking and Success (Episode 399)

Mindset comes first, then networking, then success. “Top performers in one field want to meet top performers in other fields.” -Ramit Sethi The Cheat Sheet: What is curated value and how does it apply to networking? The three letters that cut down Ramit’s email by 30%. Why did he turn down an offer to work […]

Michelle Lederman is an author on clarity, confidence, connection and likability. We'll discuss these topics and more on episode 398 of The Art of Charm.
Michelle Lederman | The Laws of Likability (Episode 398)

Network to create lifelong connections. “Vulnerability leads to credibility.” -Michelle Lederman The Cheat Sheet: Can you fake confidence? If so, how? Why the real you is the best you. The key to being more authentic. How many times should you try something new before throwing in the towel? What is the three words activity? And […]

Sam Cook is a former officer in the US Army who shares how negotiation skills helped him in Iraq and in business on this episode of The Art of Charm.
Samuel P.N. Cook | Life-Saving Negotiation Skills (Episode 383)

If you have options and resources, negotiation is easier. “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” -Desiderius Erasmus via Sam Cook The Cheat Sheet: Why there’s no such thing as a safe and secure job. What’s the hardest part of negotiation? He who cares the least ____. Sam fills in the […]

Danny is the man behind Firepole Marketing and the author of Engagement From Scratch. We chat about all of that and more on episode 368 of The Art of Charm.
Danny Iny | Engagement from Scratch (Episode 368)

Extroverts aren’t always the best networkers. “Business savvy comes down to being able to sustainably and effectively get done whatever it is you want to get done.”-Danny Iny The Cheat Sheet: Can you fake being a good networker? Why not answering your emails promptly will be detrimental to your success. What do skyhooks and cranes […]

Selena Soo is the PR maven running S2 Groupe. We chat about mistakes people make when creating VIP connections, and more on episode 361 of The Art of Charm.
Selena Soo | Creating VIP Connections (Episode 361)

Add value before asking for anything. “Picking someone’s brain is like picking someone’s pocket.” -Selena Soo The Cheat Sheet: How did Selena create a relationship with Ramit Sethi? Breakfast, lunch, or coffee: which is the best meeting suggestion? How to talk to an influencer and create the foundation for a friendship. Why and when to […]

Do you like networking or is it just a necessary evil only to be done when absolutely necessary? Sharpen your skill set with this episode of AoC.
Marsha Shandur | Saying Yes to Networking (Episode 359)

Networking can be fun. “Networking is a long-term relationship, not a one-night stand.” -Marsha Shandur The Cheat Sheet: Is everyone afraid of networking events? The top two ways to add value to someone no matter who they are. What’s the spotlight effect? What does Helen Fielding have to teach us about networking? What is Marsha’s […]