In episode 416 of The Art of Charm, we learn how entrepreneur and speaker Cole Hatter overcame tragedy to have a measurable, positive impact on the world.
Cole Hatter | Survive and Thrive (Episode 416)

Tragedy is not a choice; learning how to thrive in its aftermath is. “When you get thrown out of a car going 80, you usually leave a little bit of skin on the pavement.” -Cole Hatter The Cheat Sheet: How can you ensure that tragedy creates rather than conquers? You don’t have to give up […]

Matt Shoup, entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach, explains what it means to plant your flag and how to do it on episode 408 of The Art of Charm.
Matt Shoup | Plant Your Flag (Episode 408)

Fight for your legacy. “We get one shot to leave a really phenomenal story behind.” -Matt Shoup The Cheat Sheet: What does it mean to plant your flag? How do we find our legacy? The difference between luggage and baggage. What’s the warrior arena? How Matt made the leap from painting business owner to speaker, […]

Jairek Robbins joins us to talk about achievement, purpose and his book, Live It. We dive into those topics and more on episode 379 of The Art of Charm.
Jairek Robbins | How to Live It (Episode 379)

Learn it, live it and give it. “If you focus on serving others it adds purpose to your life.” -Jairek Robbins The Cheat Sheet: What drives most high achievers? What is the archetype of the “do next” person and why should you care? Think winning the lotto will make you happy? Jairek shares a study […]