How Do I Listen to the Podcast?

A podcast is an audio recording file uploaded to the Web. Listeners can stream the file directly from the Internet or download the file and listen at home or on a mobile device.

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You can listen to each episode of The Art of Charm podcast straight from the website. A Web player is embedded on each podcast page.

In the navigation bar above, click on Podcast Episodes.

Select a podcast episode. Scroll down to the player.


Click the play button to stream the podcast from the embedded player.


If you would like to download the podcasts, simply right-click link below the player and select “Save as”



To get all the latest episodes downloaded straight to your mobile device using the following Podcast managing apps.

Windows, Mac, Linux

  • Juice (A.K.A. iPodder) – Another open source podcatcher. This no-frills podcast player is specifically made only for podcasts.

iPhone, iPod, iPad (Apple iOS devices)

Android devices